6 Useful Filipina Dating Site Profile Tips

Filipinas are probably very different from the women you have dated before. For those who have never been, the Philippines is a whole other world with a unique culture full of customs and traditions. Despite becoming more modernized throughout the years, society remains very traditional meaning you have to appeal to that whether you’re dating online or in person. Traditional women are looking for a certain type of man. This is one with similar values, who is kind, interesting and available (although handsome doesn’t hurt either). Below are some of the best Filipina dating site profile tips to get the best results.

Upload Clear Photos

Although many are quite modern and have done a fair share of online dating, they still have reservations about meeting men online. The best way to put their minds at ease a bit is using clear photos in your profile. Men who try to hide their identities appear very suspicious. If you put any doubt in a Filipina’s mind, she will not reply to your messages. Like all women, trust and honesty are crucial. Additionally, clear photos help draw in the women who are physically attracted to you. Physical attraction is a great way to kick start an online connection. 

Fully Complete Your Profile

Most sites have several areas to enter information about yourself. Depending on the site you choose, there may be a headline or greeting area, an ‘About Me’ section, one in which you can input some basic information about yourself like hair color, eye color, and a section for interests, likes and dislikes. A complete profile not only highlights all your good qualities but is more visually appealing to women. It shows transparency which is an endearing quality. An incomplete profile either gives the impression that you’re holding back or were too lazy to input your information. Both qualities are turn offs for Filipinas. 

Avoid Anything Sexual

Filipinas are conservative and if you want your profile to attract the right women, avoid including anything sexual. It isn’t rare to meet a woman who has decided to remain a virgin until marriage. This has a lot to do with the importance of religion in Philippine culture. Not all available Filipinas are virgins but the conservation remains until they are serious about a man.

Talk Family

Filipinas are absolutely obsessed with their families, therefore, men with similar family values have the largest chance of winning over a Philippine beauty. Try sharing a brief family story or offer a teaser in your profile. Even better, express how important they are to you. 

Avoid Talking About Religion, Unless You’re Catholic

This is a topic that requires a face to face discussion. The Philippines is predominantly Catholic and they hold their religion very near and dear. So much so that a large portion have hesitations about dating outside of their religion. Fortunately, this is an easy hurdle to overcome when there’s potential for a romance so keep your profile secular. As for those who are Catholic, mention that. Having the same faith is a great start to a romance. 

Log In Often

People forget this but how often you log in has a huge impact on your profile’s visibility and your activity. Accounts that get the most activity belong to those actively on the site since they are easier to find when browsing through user profiles. Also, women want to contact men who they know are available to chat so try to log in at least every other day. 

The tips above are very helpful and will make the transition to the Philippine dating niche seamless. Along with the Filipina dating site profile tips above, take your time when creating your profile. Most find it helpful to work on it little by little. Even if you devote a mere 10 minutes a day, you’ll be done in 3 days or less. Lastly, remember to be proactive. Start a conversation when you see a cute girl rather than waiting for one to contact you. Send winks, flirts, and work to build on any connections made. As said, many Filipinas are very traditional meaning the guy makes the first move and is expected to pursue. Best of luck!

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