Best Dating App for Marriage (A Rich Woman’s Three Pillars of a Marriage)

I married my rich husband this year after using the best dating app for marriage, so now I’d like to write an article about my journey that got me in this luxurious marriage! Over the years, I’ve used many dating apps, and these are my favorite:

-1- Brilic

I met my rich husband on Brilic dating app on 1st January, 2019 when I was on a cruise ship on my way to Japan. Because I celebrate Christmas and New Year on a cruise ship every year, I have enough time and space for myself during the festive season. Apparently, I’m doing well financially because I can afford these upscale cruise ships annually. Because I’m already a rich woman, I always wanted to marry a rich man – this isn’t about hypergamy; it’s about marrying up/not being taken advantage of! The cruise was a very relaxing trip and I had plenty of time for myself, so I downloaded Brilic dating app and met my husband five days later (I downloaded Brilic on Christmas Day and met my husband on New Year’s Day). Now we are happily married and this marriage is seriously perfect – I have three pillars in this marriage: emotional connection, intimacy and money. Relationship consultant Jade Seashell famously said, “If you have all these three pillars in your relationship, you should be on Oprah.”

-2- Hitwe

Hitwe dating app is another fantastic community that I joined. I had a relationship with a guy that I met on this app, but it didn’t work out in the end because there were only two pillars in that relationship (emotional connection and intimacy). I still acknowledge that I totally enjoyed that relationship because he is a very good man. However, I really don’t want to settle down with someone whose annual income is significantly lower than my annual tax, so we broke up in the end.

-3- Mint

Mint dating app is the third online dating product that I recommend because I dated several very interesting guys on this app. Although I didn’t marry any of them, I still think those guys are great! Again, my real concern was those men aren’t rich enough to match my marriage standards, but honestly, they are wonderful because they gave me love and a good time in the bedroom. If you only care about two pillars in a relationship, you can download Mint dating app and date those amazing men.

-4- Seeking

I used Seeking dating app for many years. Previously, it was called Seeking Arrangement, but now it’s been rebranded recently. The reason I stayed on that app for so long was that every man that I met via that app is very rich. So, I would say their male members are high-value guys with wealth and status. Having said that, I haven’t found anyone who can create three pillars in a relationship with me on Seeking. But overall, I highly recommend Seeking dating app to women who want to meet rich men online.

-5- Luxy

This is another upscale dating app which has been featured everywhere on the Internet. I joined Luxy to look for a high-quality man and I dated one a few years ago. He is rich and attractive, so money and intimacy were taken care of in that relationship. Yet the emotional connection was absent; thus, we ended our relationship a few months later. In my opinion, the fact that a relationship ended doesn’t mean it failed. In fact, almost every relationship that I’ve had has value – those men brought me fun, joy, pleasure, luxurious gifts, experiences and knowledge. I have no regret!

-6- Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match has been on the market for nearly 20 years and I used their dating app in 2014 when I left my ex-husband. I dated a millionaire man on this app and there were only two pillars in that relationship: money and emotional connection. That means chemistry was missing. As a consequence, we broke up in 2015 in a friendly way. I always appreciate men who can break up with women in a positive way without saying anything negative about their ex-girlfriends.

-7- Hooking Up

Hooking Up is a hookup dating app for people to have fun with random strangers. I used this app in 2015 when I ended the relationship with the rich man that I met on Millionaire Match. I hooked up with at least 10 hot men via Hooking Up dating app. I didn’t plan to marry them anyway because I know the most important pillar in a relationship (money) was absent in all of those casual relationships. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Hooking Up dating app; I mean men who use hookup apps are usually not wealthy – most of them are looking for cheap hook-ups (or free hook-ups). They blame women who want to date rich men by saying girls who want to marry the money are prostitutes. Yes, most women want to marry wealthy men, just like most men want to marry sexy women – if there is nothing wrong with the latter, then what’s wrong with the former?

-8- Topface

This is another dating app that I find quite good. Men on this app are generally very handsome and attractive. I went out with some men that I met via Topface dating app. Relationships found on that app all lack the most paramount pillar: money. Again, this has confirmed my finding – most men on hookup dating apps are not wealthy men. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen a truly successful hookup app yet – since only 20% of their members are female, it’s very hard for most men to get laid via a hookup app, so men wouldn’t stay on an app like that. Meanwhile, women wouldn’t pay for a hookup app anyway. Consequently, hookup apps can’t compete with most dating apps for marriage.

-9- Tinder

Actually, most people on Tinder are looking for marriages or serious relationships rather than casual flings, according to my observation. Because there are specific flirting/hookup apps on the market, Tinder has become more mainstream, i.e. it’s more about looking for a long-term relationship these days. Therefore, many of my friends used Tinder and found very outstanding partners as a result.

          In conclusion, I’ve tried multiple dating apps for marriage since 2013 and I believe that Brilic dating app is the best dating app for marriage because it introduced my rich husband to me and now my marriage has all three pillars in it. I’m very grateful and I think those who are looking for marriages should join Brilic as well.

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