BridesOfUkraine Review (How to creat dating profile)

Ukrainian dating grows popular since the end of 1990s when Ukraine got its independence, and the world learned about its stunning beauties. BridesOfUkraine is one of famous dating sites in the market.

Is BridesOfUkraine real and legit?

The girls models and simply beautiful women presented on this site, are mostly clients of legitimate local dating agencies. Some of them might be commercially minded, but others are serious.

The agency’s branches are situated, first of all, in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Nikolaev, and other central or southern cities of Ukraine popular among the tourists. The girls’ quality is quite high.

The percentage of real meetings is no less than 80, which is reassuring. Daters who found their matches on BridesOfUkraine, report the process was simple, client-oriented, and effective.

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More info about the owner

The founder of BridesOfUkraine is Love Story, a company with the head office in Florida. It is explained by the love story indeed, that happened between Ukrainian lady and American businessman.

Together, they created this trustworthy platform for uniting similar international couples and helping them out with extra services. The company isn’t too glamorous and seems very amiable.

The company has a FB page with the same title, and provides its email for contacting and technical support: Although not globally popular, it serves its customers well.

Pre-history of the site

This Russian dating platform was successfully launched in early 2000s but then had a crisis in 2014 due to the civil war in Donetsk, Ukraine. Their main Ukrainian branch was situated there.

Soon after, the site’s work has been restored but the girls needed a faster escape from the country, because of the situation there. It’s connected with a bigger number of success stories at that period.

Today, the agency works stably and brings singles together without any problem. Its female member base isn’t huge but efficient for making thousands of westerners happy and satisfied.

The main Ukrainian office of the agency is now situated in Odessa, 33 Deribasovskaya street. It’s a very central location appreciated by the tourists, and the office is cozy with only 8 employees.

TheBoutBeta is one of the sister sites in case the original one gets technical problems, so one can always make sure they are accessible as well as the girl he liked and his personal correspondence.

The secret of success

Since BridesOfUkraine is now situated in Odessa the international city with stunning exotic beauties living there, it raised its success rate enormously. This city with nice beaches is super popular.

In addition, Odessa has always been combining Ukrainian culture and atmosphere with Russian and European cultural elements. It creates a very special charm one won’t find anywhere else.

So, basically, with the help of this particular agency a westerner can date gorgeous women who have both Slavic and Mediterranean traits and mentality. It sounds and feels double more seductive!

Being so compact in size, the company works as an intermediate between western singles and all other Ukrainian agencies and sites. Thus, one can be sure he’ll find what he needs, quickly enough.

European cultural elements

How do I date via BridesOfUkraine?

It’s a very classical and plain dating site where users submit their basic info and start chatting immediately. The choice of girls is big, and their data is usually detailed enough to take a decision.

Ice-breakers and first invite

The user can favorite a girl he liked, wink on her, or set up his preferences in the profile, but he must be prepared he’ll be bombarded with introduction letters in any case. It’s automatic.

Each girl composes such an introductory letter that contains extra info about her and her romantic expectations. This first message is usually impersonal, so do not be offended by this discovery.

Once you reply to such a formal letter, things get warmer and a girl writes to you very personally, answering all your questions in detail. This is where your love story really begins.

The real meeting in Ukraine

BridesOfUkraine gladly offers a database of real girls both via the site and in person, once you came to Odessa as a tourist. You can simply visit the office and ask the personnel to show you photos.

However, since the agency cannot be responsible for each and every girl personally, and many of them come from other agencies, one needs to be attentive and take care of his safety by himself.

The first date legitimacy signs

It’s easy to detect whether a girl is real and whether your date is successful. A very good sign is if a lady agrees to meet without an interpreter in between. It means her English and intentions are good.

But even if she asks you to invite an interpreter, or the agency insists on that, keep on watching, maybe all the rest will be positive. For example, a girl shouldn’t request the taxi money, there are buses too.

Check whether she is ready to meet in a modest cafeteria or walk on a beach instead of sitting in a very expensive restaurant. The restaurants must be considered only on some special occasion.

If you had a previous correspondence or chatting with a girl, she surely should remember its content in detail. If it’s not the case, you dealt with a catfisher and all the thing loses its sense.


Should I treat my Ukrainian girl like a queen?

There are lots of good men who want to show their best sides in a relationship. Many Ukraine girls deserve that, no doubt. But the world crisis makes us more rational, and so she should be.

For example, a genuine Ukrainian woman always understands which expenses are vital for a couple and which ones are just a devastating whim. There’s no need for endless shopping or eating.

If a girl suddenly comes from a wealthy family, which is still possible in Ukraine, she might be a bit spoiled and naïve. Try to explain to her you’re in a tough situation right now, otherwise, just leave.

On another hand, it’s true there are some young women who suffered in heavy conflicts on the East of Ukraine or in Crimea. They probably lost their belongings or survived a big trauma.

In this case, as well as any other cases at your discretion you can surely express generosity and kindness as you wish. But no one should ever pressure you forcing to be generous against your will.

Success stories on BridesOfUkraine

“I met Lilya in Odessa thanks to BridesOfUkraine agency, and it made my summer most memorable. We went to all possible beaches together, and all existing nightclubs as well.

Lilya refused from the interpreter’s services and kindly agreed to be my personal guide. I learned Ukrainian girls are very hospitable and helpful, but also as feminine and sexy as you can only imagine.

It’s now my turn to invite beautiful Lilya to my hometown, and I am proud to be her gallant gentleman. I believe now all Odessa girls are worthy of the best courtship and care a man can give”.

“Darina and I, we are a perfect match and all our friends are repeating that to us. She is from Kiev, we met on BridesOfUkraine when I was planning my trip for business. It was a great bonus.

I wonderfully combined work with pleasure and Darina helped me with that. She is such a sex bomb, and a true smartie! No wonder she is my girlfriend now, and I am very much proud of her.

That’s why I think Russian dating sites and Ukrainian dating sites really work, I have other friends too who found sexy girlfriends there. I couldn’t be any happier, and I am a big fan of Ukraine now”.


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