Choose better photos for your profile on trusted Russian dating sites

Even if you’ve managed to put together the most detailed and informative profile on trusted Russian dating sites, it’s not going to work without good photos. In spite of common belief, not only men are visually oriented – women like to see what they get, too.

Even if you’ve managed to put together the most detailed and informative profile on trusted Russian dating sites, it’s not going to work without good photos. In spite of common belief, not only men are visually oriented – women like to see what they get, too.

If a girl happens to open your profile on a dating site, your photo is the first thing she pays attention to. Simply put, you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. Either you catch her interest at once, or she moves on.

Generally speaking, profiles without photos get skipped. Profiles with bad photos, get skipped, too. If you’re determined to find a woman of your dream on an international dating site, having a great profile picture is a must.

What is a winning profile photo?

We all have different standards and sense of aesthetic. A picture may be absolutely acceptable for you, but it would be the worst image to put on a dating site. There are certain things you should take into account when meeting Eastern European women online.

Show your face

It goes without saying that women should be able to see your face, and don’t forget to turn up your smile setting – a gloomy or irritated face will not do. Statistics show that women on trusted Russian dating sites respond better to the profiles of smiling, friendly looking men. So if you don’t like to smile when taking a photograph, perhaps it worth it to make an effort.

Try a few selfies, and if you’re not satisfied with the results, it’s highly recommended to ask your friends for help or use the services of a professional photographer. Make sure your photo isn’t blurred or heavily pixelated – your face should be clearly visible.

Upload a smiling profile photo when looking for a woman on trusted Russian dating sites

Dress to kill

Russian women are very particular about looks. They take a good care of their appearance and expect a man to do the same. A Slavic girl is sure to pay attention to your choice of clothes when looking through your profile on a Russian dating site. Make sure your clothes are clean and neat.

You don’t have to wear a tuxedo or a formal suit if this is something you never do in day-to-day life, but your outfit should be tasteful and aesthetically pleasing:

  • You can go for a casual look – blue jeans and a nice shirt always make a good combination.
  • Cargo pants with a long-sleeved t-shirt are a great choice, too.
  • For an elegant look, you could wear a formal shirt with a pair of stylish trousers.

Say no to a messy background

A photo speaks louder than thousands words, that’s why you should pay attention to every detail when you choose a good one for trusted Russian dating sites. If you take pictures at home, your room should look clean and tidy. Make sure there is no busy background that would distract a girl’s attention when she looks at your photo. Same rules apply when searching for a suitable location outdoors.

What pictures should you avoid?

There are certain photo trends on dating sites which are absolutely inexplicable from a woman’s point of view. If you don’t want to be one of those creepy guys who repel girls on dating site, never go for these:

  • Bathroom selfies. For some reason, lots of men feel particularly inspired by their own looks in a bathroom mirror. It goes without saying that tastes differ, but on this kind of photo is a big no-no on a dating site. The majority of Russian girls are repulsed by bathroom selfes, especially when a sink or a toilet can actually be seen on the photo.
  • Pictures of you topless. Women are convinced this kind of photos can be uploaded only by a narcissist who is totally in love with his own self. A man like that, according to them, can’t stop admiring his six pack abs (or even its absence).
Profile photos of topless men on trusted Russian dating sites
  • Cropped images with a woman’s hand on your shoulder or around your waist. Even if you look particularly handsome on this photo, it’s not going to work on trusted Russian dating sites. Women may think you’re not ready for a new relationship if you don’t have a single picture of you alone.
  • Photos of you looking unhappy, upset or point blank miserable. No one wants to a man with a whole host of problems. You’re not looking for a woman to make you happy. You’re looking for a woman to share your happiness with her.
  • Photos in front of your fancy car or other costly possessions. Financial security is one of the crucial factors for an average Russian woman when searching for a life partner abroad. However, it doesn’t mean you should show off.
  • Pictures of you in a helmet, diving mask, sunglasses and so on. As mentioned above, your face should be clearly visible on a dating profile photo. Avoid accessories that cover your face.
  • Photo of your cat or dog. It’s simply fantastic if you adore your pet. Feel free to show your kitten, puppy, turtle, bunny or parrot, but they shouldn’t be there on the main profile photo instead of you.

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Can you upload an outdated picture?

In the world of today there is no excuse to not having a couple of recent pictures. Digital technologies allow one to take hundreds photos on daily basis, so it’s absolutely unacceptable to use old pictures on trusted Russian dating sites. If your photo was taken ten, seven or even three years ago, you look different at present.

And it doesn’t mean you look worse, but different, without a doubt. It would be deceptive to upload an old picture on your profile as it gives the wrong idea about your appearance. If you’re convinced you haven’t changed since the time your old photos were taken, why don’t you rove that by taking several new ones? It will only take a minute.

If you deliberately try to appear younger than you actually look, you may catch a woman’s eye and start an exciting long-distance relationship. But when you met face to face she may object to dating a man who is obviously older than she expected. If you’d like to avoid this heartbreaking experience, you’d better keep things realistic when searching for a Russian girlfriend on a dating site.

Even if you write the most beautiful mails, sooner or later a woman may want to set up a Skype date with you, and then you’ll be forced to make different excuses in order to postpone the moment of truth. But online dating is not meant to make your life more complicated – the idea behind it is to find a likeminded person abroad for a wonderful romantic relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

A good profile picture for a man to upload on international dating sites

Using services of a professional photographer

One may think that hiring a professional photographer for a dating profile picture is going too far. But the simple fact is that the effort you take is worth it in the long run. Searching for a life partner is no easy task, and using services of a professional photographer is well justified.

This way you’ll avoid all the mistakes that turn women off – a good photographer will give the right idea about your appearance while emphasising the strongest points of your looks and camouflaging defects. Women on trusted Russian dating sites will easily make out that you’re serious about finding someone special and sharing your life with a woman of your dreams.

After all, women prefer to use high quality pictures taken by professional photographers, too. Yu can easily notice this tendency if you look through Russian women’s profile on any reputable dating site.

Last but not least, even the greatest photo is not going to work without an informative, well-written introduction and dating profile headlines. Make sure provide basic information about yourself, as well as your expectations from a life partner and your views on family and relationships.

These are only a few suggestions on how to improve the quality of your profile photos. You may find them useful if you’re new to the whole online dating thing. Best of luck with your searches!

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