Coronavirus gives you a chance to date Russian singles online

As you probably know, it’s not safe to travel and meet new people anymore. If ever you considered going to Russia to date Russian singles there, it’s not the best time at the moment. The culprit is, of course, a new epidemic called COVID-19, or coronavirus. It’s now present on all inhabited continents and in more than half the countries of the world, Russia included.

It’s not only unsafe to travel to other countries any more (soon it won’t even be possible), it’s also not advised to be near large crowds. Hence, many people are allowed to work at home, in Russia as well. As a result, in the upcoming months, you could expect a big surge of people spending more time indoors and online. It’s an opening for you to get yourself an online relationship.

Do online relationships even work?

It’s a pretty understandable question, given the modern stigma against being at the computer for a long time. Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s bad for your health, but you definitely aren’t dooming yourself to all the problems in the world by preferring to be at the computer for a long time.

And of course, any relationship on distance is just a cheap substitute for the real physical interactions, isn’t it? Well, no. It’s not so because it requires you to be near your gadgets for longer than usual.

The online relationship allows you to be in touch with a person you like without coming directly to her. Sure, you’ll need to do just that once in a while to keep your relationship going, but it’s not like you can come to Russia and stay here just to date Russian singles. Definitely not in the current situation.

Do Russians even get into them?

You know, it’s not exactly dating unless you both know that you can come over to her any time. And you really should do so regularly if you want the relationship to last. 

Thus, most of these relationships are viewed by Russians as semi-serious: no vows are given, but you can’t just go and date another woman in the meantime. These work really well in two options:

  1. Either you and your partner like each other personally and want to sustain a closer bond, even if at distance…
  2. …or this relationship you’re trying to build is also a pretty interesting experience (like in your case, most likely — since you’re a foreigner to her), but there must also be feeling between you two. If you don’t have any chemistry going on — it’ll just be a king of pen-friendship

So, yes, they get in such relationships, and you should be wary to keep them serious and not diminish them to the point where it’s just friendship. 

But you also shouldn’t be too ‘enamored’, because swearing eternal vows and telling how very much you love your partner don’t sound very ensuring if you can’t even get to her once in a while.

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How to use the quarantine for your own purposes

Now, you can’t use the coronavirus to get a better bond with the person (probably, but you can try), but the quarantine itself makes people be at home longer and increases an overall amount of Internet users. This means two things.

First, people from around the globe (Russia included) will have to be online for longer and find different ways to entertain themselves. Not all the time, sure. The quarantine means they’ll have to work at home as well to not lose their salary. Still, they’ll be online, nobody can really stop them.

Even those who prefer not to use the Internet for communication will have to use it, not that they’ll be forced to stay home.

Second, there will be more people for you to pick from. It sounds somewhat mercantile, but it’s not exactly easy to find a person that shares your hobbies and interests (videogames, for example), understand your inner world and speaks English all at the same time. Now, you’ll have more time to find them.

All of it means that, if you wanted to try to date Russian singles online for some reason, now is a good time. However, you still need to know where exactly to look for them in this new situation. Where will they spend their time now that they have to stay indoors all the time?

Where to look for a partner

Knowing that there are people for you to date is one thing. But finding one is another matter altogether. If you don’t really know or wish to meet Russian people online — you won’t find them.

There are several Russian websites where Russians will be without a doubt a lot more active than usual these quarantined days. They, however, aren’t reliable or comfortable for you to visit, in most cases. 

The reliable websites

In fact, you can expect that all the active websites will experience a surge in popularity. But the forums and the sites that offer communication and interactions with living people will have a pretty good time. These are the websites that allow people to spend their time well regardless of their hobbies and views.

You can consider using Reddit, for instance, to find people you’ll like, but it’s not exactly the best platform for it. A lot of forums aren’t actually designed for meeting new people because not many of them have a comprehensible personal messaging system. 

If you want to look for people based on what they are interested in (and also perhaps based on their appearance), try dating websites (like this one) or apps (like Tinder). It’s unclear whether you’ll find more Russians than usual there, because, to be honest, that people there will be lenient to start such a distant relationship. 

See, it’s alright to propose such a thing to a person that doesn’t actively look for a partner. But if she wants to date and is actively looking for someone, it may be a complication. After all, if you want to date Russian singles like that, you can’t be physically intimate.

The less reliable websites

There are websites populated mostly by Russians, of which you might’ve heard a thing or two. The most comfortable and most reliable (in the sense of how many English-speaking people you can find) is by far Vkontakte


If you look good enough, you can find a lot of users who speak English here. The idea that the newcomers will mostly be professionals who work distantly now is very encouraging because there’s generally a higher level of English among these people.

It’s also pretty comfortable to be here as a foreigner, don’t worry about it. The interface is pretty clear and the platform itself is fully translated in English. 

Vkontakte is the place where Russians come to talk to each other, so it’s a pretty safe bet when it comes to that. However, it is unreliable because you can never tell if a person is speaking English at an adequate level. Sure, there can list the language they speak in their profile, but it doesn’t show their actual level of speaking. So, be aware of that. 

If you want, you can look for the people to date directly, through the communities that specifically breed the knowledge of the language – like the ones that publish foreign humor in English or pursue the study of it.

But you can also start a relationship on a dating website and then continue your exchange here — most Net-active Russians use the website for talking, as mentioned. So, there probably won’t be any problem for her to give you the address. Unless she doesn’t truly like you, and it’s actually a scheme, that is. But that’s the story for another time.

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In conclusion

Now that the Internet overall will be a bit more populated for some time because of the coronavirus, you’ll have a higher chance of successfully getting a taste of what it’s like to date Russian singles. Though, of course, you need to know how to navigate yourself in the mess of the Russian side of the Internet, but after a bit of practice, you’ll be just fine.

The Vkontakte social network is the best option, though it’s not very reliable as the means of looking for a girlfriend. But it’s alright if you can understand how to navigate yourself here as well. All in all, you’ll manage, if you really want to get a woman to talk to.

Hopefully, this article was of some use to you. If not, you can also check out the other articles this website has (if you want, of course). Oh, and there’s also this video you might like, enjoy:

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