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Online dating is growing in popularity for a reason – it works! In addition to offering a more convenient way to date, it opens up the number of possibilities. Why limit yourself to singles in your city, state, country or continent when there are so many options? Because of the endless possibilities, you must enter the online dating scene with some know how to get the best results. One key part is creating an excellent dating profile. This aspect of online dating is so important because it gives an introductory view of who you are and covers the basics of what makes you, you. The thing is, those with little to no experience dating online have no clue how to write a great profile. For that reason, we’re going to provide two dating profile examples and explain why they work. Both dating profile examples are the description portion which is essentially the core of an online profile.

Example 1

Ambitious, career oriented, future family man. Those are just a few things to describe me. Aside from that, I’m a casual, fun loving guy looking for a beautiful woman to share my life with. When I’m not at work or relaxing at home, I love to travel and meet new people. Immersing myself in other cultures and getting acquainted with the locals is my idea of a good time. 

Other interests include:

Food – I know the best places to enjoy an elegant meal or get some unpretentious fare.

Getting to know new people – Nothing beats meeting someone new and peeling back the many layers of their personality. When I’m getting to know a woman, my focus is solely on her. 

Spending time with my family – They are everything to me.

Trying new things – New food, activities, sports, you name it!

Lastly, my ideal date comes once I get comfortable with a woman. It would involve grilling a few ribeyes, perhaps some wine, and getting comfortable on the couch watching a classic film. Intimate moments with the right company is what romance is all about.

Why it Works

This profile hits all the marks and will portray you as a kind, considerate and exciting man ready for a real relationship without sounding disingenuous. Of course, you can replace the brief description with one that better describes who you are and input your own personal interests. Also, the closing in this dating profile example is brilliant. Sharing your idea of a great date gives readers a preview of what to look forward to. Showing your romantic side will attract women who wish to join you. 

Example 2

First, I want to say that I’m looking forward to meeting you. To share a little about myself, chemistry is number one for me when it comes to connecting with people. I don’t have chemistry with just anyone making connections even more special when I do. 
If you’re curious about my lifestyle, I like to live a very relaxed, peaceful life but I’m intensely hardworking at the same time. I like to vacation when I can, hit the gym frequently and relax with a good book during my free time. To be honest, I tend to work a little too much but always manage to make time for those who are important to me.
My career along with my family, friends, and passions are what keep me going every day. I have reached a very comfortable place in my life which I’m very thankful for. That is why I’m branching out with the hope of meeting a romantic partner to share new experiences with. I believe that when you’re with the right person, the sky’s the limit.
If you’re passionate about what you do and think you can keep up with me, get in touch. I would love to learn as much as I can about you.

Why It Works

This profile description is subtly engaging, easy to read and encourages a conversation to be had. It maintains a conversational tone all the way through that makes it an enjoyable read. Even better is that this description hits all the key points including the importance of chemistry, lifestyle, what fulfills you and has a playfully welcoming closing. Talking about those close to you is also a huge plus. It shows that you value loved ones which is a trait people look for in a potential match.

In addition to drawing inspiration from the dating profile examples above, be sure to give your profile a once over before posting. You want to avoid all major spelling and grammatical errors.

Tips for Improving Your Online Dating Profile


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