Dress to impress: getting ready for dating with gorgeous Russian girls

It’s no secret that Russian girls are exceedingly attractive, and that’s one of the reasons why they are so popular on international dating sites. They are elegant, stylish and well dressed. They have a tasteful makeup on, and their hair is always perfectly styled. Of course, gorgeous Russian girls are gifted by nature where appearance is concerned, but they also take lots and lots of effort in order to look attractive and presentable.

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Since they are very young, they learn to take a very god care of their body, skin, hair, nails and so on. And the results are nothing short of impressive. Just check out any Russian dating site if you have any doubts.

But the thing is, they want to have a man who looks presentable, too. A lot of foreign men who flock to Russia in searches of a partner fail to dress nicely in order to impress local ladies. A Russian lady will always take trouble over her looks when she comes for a date, so it’s only fair if you do the same.

No one expects you to wear something extra extravagant or try a new style. It’s only the question of wearing a well chosen, neat and tidy outfit that accentuate the advantages of you physique. So here are a few useful tips on how to dress when you intend to impress gorgeous Russian girls on a date.

Avoid extremes

It’s not recommended to experiment with garments when you go on a date. It’s important to look stylish and elegant, but above all you should feel comfortable. If you wear jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts in day to day life, you’ll feel extremely uncomfortable in a tight-fit formal suit. What you have to do is to choose a long-sleeved t-shirt of a good quality and neutral colour, then iron it carefully, so you it won’t look crumpled and wrinkly.

As for jeans, there is nothing wrong with wearing them, only you should make sure they are stylish and clean. If you wear hoodies in everyday life, perhaps it would have been too casual for a date with a Russian lady, so go for a polo shirt instead.

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Don’t go for brand new clothes

Ideally speaking, you should wear the outfit at least once prior to going for a date. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises during a nice conversation with one of the charming Russian ladies for marriage. Even if you bought an outfit specifically for dating, make sure to give it a test drive. If you’re absolutely sure it’s comfortable and nothing is going to distract you from talking to a lovely woman, feel free to wear the garment of your choice.

Remember about perfumes

Well chosen cologne will accentuate your masculinity and help you create a nice first impression. Women like it when a guy smells tasty. But avoid putting too much scent – just a few drops here and there will be sufficient. You don’t want woman to suffocate or suddenly start sneezing when she comes to meet you, right?

Dressing guidelines for casual and dinner dates

There are different types of dates, and so there are no universal formulas to how you should select your clothes. Of course, we could say that jogging pants are absolutely unacceptable, but what if you go for a run together with one of the gorgeous Russian girls? And why not – there are plenty of lovely forest-like parks in major Russian cities, and running together along the shady alleys early in the morning would be a pleasure.

Keeping it casual

When you go on a casual date, feel free to wear relaxed outfits, but not dated or baggy ones. Casual date suggest a lot of interesting activities, including boating, cycling, going for long walk, visiting a flea market, or a book store, or a farm in the suburbs, so you would look out of place if you choose to wear something formal.

However, it’s highly recommended to stay away from clothes that may gve her idea that you didn’t take any effort over getting prepared for a date. Avoid work uniforms or clothes that look too plain and unimaginative. Blue jeans are fine, but make sure to match them with an interesting and refreshing top, or add some accessories. Short- or long-sleeved collared shirts, polo shirts, sport jackets will do perfectly well. Also, no matter how casual your clothes are, they shouldn’t look tattered or sloppy, it’s not worth dating a Russian woman – she’s not going to be with you anyway.

Dress to kill for a dinner date

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Dinner dates and similar evening events are an excellent occasion to show off with your sense of style. Gorgeous Russian girls will notice every single detail about your outfit, so make sure it’s flawless. If you intend to keep it formal, go for a suit by all means. There are plenty of styles, colours and combinations available on the market, and you can easily choose a suit according to your likings. There is no need to go absolutely formal if you don’t wish to, by the way.

A blazer jacket or even sport jacket will do perfectly well, especially if you intend to do a lot of thing during the day time, and there is no chance to change just before the date. And no, you won’t be the only man wearing a jacket in a restaurant, cafe or movies. This item of dating attire has already proven to be comfortable, stylish, elegant and very masculine. A Russian girl is bound to like it, without a doubt.

Eastern European ladies are very cultures, and there is always a chance you’ll get a date in the theatre or an art-gallery. In this case, a good suit, high quality shirt with well-pressed collar and a tie is a must. And if you go for a walk after the event, you can always take the tie off or at the very least loosen it if it feels too tight.

Don’t underestimate a pair of good shoes

When you date of the gorgeous Russian girls, it’s strongly recommended to pay close attention to your shoes. Dirty or tattered shoes will inevitably spoil the first impression , no matter how stylish and well-selected your clothes are. Russian women pay attention to such details, so you shouldn’t hope it’s unimportant.

Shoes can say a lot about a man, and a girl will get quite a few clues about your personality by simply looking at your shoes. Even if you wear canvas sneakers, make sure they are of a good quality, clean and tidy. If you wear formal shoes, it would be great if you could match them with a leather belt.

Grooming tips

There are also other things you should take into consideration when dating Russian women. For example, your nails should clean and neatly cut. Manicure services in Russia are some of the best in the world, and you’ll see how perfect your girlfriend nails look.

No one expects you to use a professional service when looking after your nails, but keeping them clean and tidy is a must. If you don’t do that, a Russian girl is sure to consider it a sign of disrespect. According to Slavic women, a man who is serious about winning a woman’s heart, should take a good effort over looking presentable on the first date.

As for your hair style, it’s recommended to avoid shocking experiments just before the date. Get your hair trimmed around a week in advance, and go to a hairdresser you can trust. Don’t hesitate to use gel if it’s a part of your style, but keep in mind that greasy and oily hair is not pleasant to touch.

A good shave is also a must, unless you wear moustache and beard on a regular basis. And even if you do, get them trimmed shortly before the date.

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These were only a few tips on how to impress gorgeous Russian girls with your external looks. Needless to say, you’re bringing much more on the table than merely impressive looks, but the power of attractive appearance should not be underestimated. They say, don’t judge a book by its cover. In Russia, it’s bit different – “Meet by clothes, see off by mind”. It says tons about Slavic people, their dating culture and general values, right? Keep it in mind when dating attractive, stylish, beautiful and elegant Russian women.


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