Here’s What You Need to Do When Your Favorite Girl Joins a Free Coach Date

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Here’s What You Need to Do When Your Favorite Girl Joins a Free Coach Date

What can you do to get a free coach date? You could use an agency, but then you’d have to worry about the logistics of arranging a date and not just finding someone. And agencies charge their clients. But you don’t need an agency to get a free coach date. Why not just show up at her place of work and just see if she’s interested?

It will definitely be a bit different, but it’s also simpler. For starters, you’ll be in the same place. Plus you won’t need to worry about transportation or finding a good parking space. Just show up, shake hands and say hi. If she doesn’t want to go on the date with you right away, that’s fine, too – it’s still much better than wasting time trying to arrange a free coach date with no luck.

So how do you find a free gal next to your desk at work? One option is to use your favorite search engine and look for women. Don’t forget to include “free” as a prefix in your search. And try to use the city or town name in your search.

When you do get results, go through and see if there are any results that are even remotely suitable for you. There’s nothing worse than wasting your time on a fake profile, so make sure to do some basic research. If the girl you’re interested in works for a free enterprise, perhaps you should consider her company or the person who manages it.

If you don’t know who she is or where she works, check her profile. Does she have pictures of herself? Does she have a photo of herself doing something exotic? Is she on a dating site?

If she has signed up for a dating site, get to her site and take a look around. Does she look the part? Is she a free-spirited woman who likes to talk a lot? Is she funny? Is she a free man who’s fun to be with?

Is she willing to let you know about her side of life and the kinds of men she prefers? Does she make you feel at ease and comfortable? Do you like the way she talks? Is she open and honest and comfortable with you? Once you’ve found a free gal like this, your next step is to set up a short date with her.

The best advice I can give you here would be to tell her that you’re a free man who doesn’t like paying for dates. Tell her that you have nothing to offer her except honesty and if she’s open and honest with you then you might just have something in common. After all, a free man like you will be happy to get a free date from a woman who values her freedom more than she does her dollar bill!

When you have met this woman and you are sitting on the couch or the sofa in her living room, it’s time to get her attention. Start small. Don’t try to get her number and call her up right away. Let her notice your presence by giving her eye contact and smiling.

If she’s shy, get her on the table. Don’t sit on the couch, eat her meal or even do any of her things, for that matter. Get her to do some of the things that she normally does when you’re not there. Women love when they are given a free rein of things.

Next, make sure you tell her that you love her and tell her that you want to spend more time with her. In fact, you’ll have to use some very subtle hints here to get her to say yes to your proposal. For example, you could say that you want to see her, go out with her or do something together. She’ll notice the difference in your tone of voice and the way you talk and you’ll know that you’re trying to set the stage for a more romantic evening.

Don’t take this free coach date as an ultimate sign that you can sleep with her and that’s it’s okay to sleep with her if she’s into you. If she isn’t, keep the dates low-key and go out with other guys. You should also let her know that she is attractive and desirable to you, but that you have your own agenda and plans. You shouldn’t be pretending to be interested in her in order to get her phone number and make your intentions known. If she senses that you’re trying too hard to impress her, then she won’t feel taken seriously and your chances of getting to know her further will diminish.