How do guys feel after a hookup and how to read them

There is a stereotype guys are colder than girls after casual sex. But it’s not always so. Best psychologists are helping to guess it right and understand your male hookup partner better.

 “The majority of my male clients say quick hookups raise double feelings in them. They are satisfied with no-strings-attached sex, but they have a kind of curiosity about a person.

Since it’s not cool to get too personal, they’re hiding this curiosity and interest. Only a few guys are cynical enough to block emotions completely without any memorizing and care”.

“I basically met my husband through a hookup date free and I now observe a similar thing happening to my younger brother. Casual sex can grow into a relationship, even if a man didn’t intend it”.

“Even so called womanizers, not talking about less experienced guys are having a moment of awkwardness when they try to decide whether to contact a person again after sex or not.

They analyze a lot how well they performed, and want to know a girl’s opinion on that. But if their rational side wins and they know the meeting was just casual, they surely skip the question”.


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