How do you break up with Russian girls online and offline

At one point in life, everyone faces the dilemma of breaking up with a partner. Chances are, if you’re actively dating the Russian girls online or offline, you’ll face this question with one of them. In fact, breaking up with someone must be entirely up to the one doing it. 

If you chose to leave the relationship, you should be able to know when the time for this is ripe and whether you have the means to do it. It is a pretty hard challenge, but you should be able to sweeten this bitter pill. In such a case, it would be a great help if you knew the mental traits the Russians largely share or what tricks they use to get out of the uncomfortable relationship.

Do Russian break up very often?

The popular belief is that Russian women are more faithful than pretty much wherever this statement was said out loud. It’s not very clear where this rumor took root, but the reality is a bit more depressing. 

Russia is one of the world leaders regarding divorces per capita. Having several families over the course of a life isn’t a very uncommon practice in Russia. Whether it’s mostly the men’s or women’s fault is not certain, but what’s certain is the fact that Russians like to end their marriages.

Dumping a girlfriend

The situation with dating, however, is a lot less dramatic. Obviously, you can have more dating partners in your life than you’ll ever have marriages, however hard you may try. People here don’t end the dating relationships that often, despite the upper-mentioned fact. The reasoning is that marriages usually end because the couple gets fed up with each other after some time, simple enough.

And while ending the dating relationship after 3-4 years is OK, ending the marriage after the same term isn’t very normal. 

In the end, don’t worry that you’ll get dumped pretty quickly because of how notorious the Russian divorce practice is, but don’t expect the supernaturally long relationship either.

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How do you break up with Russian girls online

This may sound like an easy task. Relationships over distance can’t be that serious, right? And after all, if talking it over doesn’t help, you can just severe all contacts and be gone, can you?

Well, that’s a finely reasoned statement that you can embody if something goes wrong in your future online dating experience. Or you may never do it, because it’s very idiotic.

The belief that you can just leave the relationship by severing contacts may work on some shady websites. But if your relationship is at that point where you need to talk to end it — then you can’t just leave. Because if you’ve reached this point, you’ve already exchanged contracts and she’ll find you. 

So… don’t start to date Russian girls online thinking that you can just bail if things go sour. 

How you really should break up online

Dating online isn’t a substitute for a real dating experience. You and your partner both can treat it as nothing, and then one of two things can happen:

You either gradually stop contacting each other and at one point just forget that your respective ‘partner’ exists at all;

Or in time you realize you haven’t treated it as nothing hard enough, and you end up being in a responsible relationship that will last for a few months (if you don’t extend it by meeting online, that is)

Therefore, if your relationship isn’t treated like anything, it will end eventually. You just have to try less and less, and then it will most likely end. If for some reason it doesn’t, and she continues to message you (you know how it is), you may start wondering if you can just bail. 

That’s pretty tempting, true. The case can be even harder if she really enjoyed dating you and you didn’t. All you need to do is explain why you want to break up. If the reason is too rude, then say that you think that dating remotely isn’t for you and that you don’t feel like it works out. It should work.

But if your relationship is more serious than you thought (especially if you combine dating on- and offline), then you’ll have a hard time breaking up. In this case, it’s better to be responsible about it and break up as if you’d dated offline.

Breaking up offline

That’s the ultimate subject of this article, isn’t it? It’s the most complex as well. Online you often may not put as much effort into this, but offline you’ll have to do your best to end the relationship as smoothly as possible.

That’s why you’ll need to summon all the charm you’ve got and know your partner pretty well. Russians have a good memory when it comes to sharp break-ups. Do it smoothly or you can expect no quarter next time you meet your ex-girlfriend.

Pieces of advice

Russian women may be pretty assertive and initiative, don’t forget that. That’s why there’s a little… ruse you may utilize to bail, more about that below. Here are a few uniquely Russian pieces of advice to end the relationship:

  1. That’s a ruse that was mentioned above. The Russian women often like to make the first step in ending a relationship. You may use it if you feel your girlfriend is that kind of woman. If you feel that your relationship has become unbearable for both of you, just do something she really dislikes. It’s a bit cruel, but it will save you both brain cells. After that, she may say what you both knew was coming — that this relationship needs to come to an end;
  2. Don’t use your origins to justify leaving her. As much as being a foreigner may help you win the girlfriend, telling her you need to break up because you need to leave for your homeland or because of some tradition or other may cause a bad reaction. Russians have a strange attitude towards outsiders. Generally, they like them if they are nice and they utterly hate them if they aren’t. It seems reasonable, but being bad in the eyes of a Russian isn’t a big feat;

Actually, you can justify it like that, but you have to do something extraordinary beforehand and you need to be sincere about it. If the reason you have to break up is that you have to leave, then be sincere about it. And sweeten the pill by doing something that will make her happy

  • Choose a good time for it. Optimally, do it in summer, because the Russian winters may be very depressing. And you don’t want to make it even harder for her to stay cheerful. Unless you don’t care, then it’s probably fine.
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How to break up with a woman you date both online and offline

Breaking up with Russian girls online is a bit easier than doing it offline. But you know you’ve put yourself in a lot of mess when you started dating a woman both online and offline and now decided to bail. That cuts off the option of leaving for your homeland and you also have to do it offline.

If you decide to end the relationship via the Internet, prepare to never enter the Web again. Dumping anyone you know in real life by messaging them isn’t cool, but it also will signal that you never treated the relationship seriously. And it’s never good to have that kind of background.

So, do it according to the pieces of advice above and be smooth. Remember that it’s still a genuine relationship, even though it started when you tried to hit on Russian girls online.

In conclusion

You should be as smooth while breaking up as possible because Russians don’t dump their partners very often, and it’s not an everyday thing. Same goes for doing it online, dating people via the Internet isn’t a cheap substitute, often a serious emotional exchange lies in it. You don’t want to cut it off on a whim.

That’s pretty much it. In case you didn’t find whatever you were looking for in this article, maybe the other ones will be of more help, check them out. But if you’re done with reading the articles for today, you’re welcome to watch the video below:

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