How to be discreet on gay hookup apps and keep anonymous

It’s not enough to rely on some legit gay hookup app in order to stay anonymous. One should put his own efforts as well. Start with these simple steps to keeping discreet on the gay adult dating platform.

  1. Do not use your photo. It may seem simple, but not all gay men are cautious enough to follow that. Use the photo of your back, hand, feet, but not the photo of your face.
  2. Use the nickname. Make sure not to use your real name on hookup dating apps.
  3. No personal facts. Analyze well your own chats and never mention your address, district, working place, family facts, or any other info that may lead to your private self.
  4. No frank virtual sex. When you’re flirting online with Russian gay men, keep in mind someone can track your computer ID and blackmail you, so do not get too dirty.
  5. Choose the place and time. You must be a person who dictates the conditions of your meeting, not your casual partner. Dominate the conversation for the safety reasons.

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