How to find a gamer Russian female to hang out with?

If you genuinely like Russians and want to hang out with them more, maybe even date a Russian female in the future, you should always look to your hobbies and interests to lead you to people who like the same thing. Take videogames, for instance. They generally take up a lot of space in a person’s life, it would be awesome to enjoy the time you spend on them in the company of people you like.

If you clicked on this article, this prospect probably bothers you. It’s way better to do everything alongside friends and dear ones, games even more so. 

A large proportion of the world’s population enjoys gaming once in a while, to some degree or another. So, finding a Russian female who likes to play games is not a shameful or an impossible goal. It’s quite alright.

Do Russians even play games?

The game industry is much larger than the film industry, nowadays. It doesn’t feel like it, because people who like to play aren’t ever portrayed by media as full-fledged humans. They are either blood-thirsty maniacs or no-good simpletons. 

In truth, every modern person played videogames at least once in their lifetime, including many young Russians. Believe it or not, Russians are pretty modern. It’s also true that most gamers aren’t women (they largely do other things in Russian society), making it pretty hard to find a woman to hang out with (and maybe date afterward, if you liked her overall).

So, Russians do play games, maybe even larger in proportion than people in the United States, but it’s quite subjective to judge about it. 

In the end, finding a Russian female who’s also a gamer is the same as finding any other girlfriend. In this case, though, they don’t often display this side of theirs because it’s still not considered mature by many. At the same time, you’ll know how you’ll be spending time with her. So, it’s an advantage.

Just waiting

The chance that you’ll just stumble upon a Russian female that plays the same game as you without making any efforts is near zero (as pretty much with every other hobby). It’s always probable that you’ll find a woman doing the same thing you like at the same club or community, but a lot of time will pass first.

And in this particular case, you’ll have to join Russian gaming communities, and they aren’t always very hospitable to foreigners, not even if they try to be active and friendly. But you won’t be very lucky to find a woman to your liking there due to several reasons:

— The first is that you can’t tell if the person is the woman unless she starts talking;

— The second is that there’s no telling if she wants new friends or speaks English;

— And the biggest reason is that you don’t even know if that person fits your personality or not, you should really spend some time together and see if the interaction is any smooth

All in all, you’ll have to build the bond in order to make the relationship work. It’s not that easy if you have nothing in common other than playing games and some background together. So, don’t just go for the first gamer Russian female you see. 

Image of a bored man

How can you find one, then?

The best you can do is to find a Russian or part-Russian community that represents your interests on the Internet. The former isn’t that much of an option if people there don’t speak English on an adequate level or if, vice versa, you don’t speak Russian on an adequate level.

But the latter is a good option. However, it’s pretty hard to find one, because Russians usually like to stick to their own. It’s also not very reliable, obviously. You can’t simply peek into the first server or community and expect people you want to be there… to be there. 

Still, think if you can remember visiting any communities with constant Russian diaspora in them. Despite sticking together, Russian people generally don’t have a lot of distinctly Russian well-developed gaming communities in Discord, forums, Steam or on the Internet generally. 

That’s why you can often see them wandering into the international servers on said platforms or even visiting the places that were never meant to be used by them. All in all, the constant search for new people to hang out with on the international platforms will lead you to a Russian female you may like. 

Being tactical

Just ‘looking’ isn’t very efficient, mind you. It’s tiring and becomes a routine very quickly. And, honestly, it’s not a very natural way to meet new friends (or dates). Waiting passively isn’t an option too, as you could’ve grasped already. Well, if you want to be productive and also not feel over-obsessive, you can be tactical about your search.

In short, don’t pursue your goal too eagerly, but instead set a number of alternative conditions for your leisure. These conditions must make a chance of you ever meeting a like-minded Russian female more possible.

Apart from the fact that it will ensure you won’t spend your energy on a non-priority task in your life, it’ll also spare you a lot of mental health.

You’ll know what exactly are these ‘conditions’ in a moment, but let’s address something first.

Dating websites and apps

It’s fine if you want to find a like-minded person of your specific preference for more than just hanging out. If it is the case here, then the first thing you should do is to download a dating app or log into a dating website and find a person with the same interests and preferences.

Dating online isn’t a cheap substitute for usual dating, go give it a try.

The conditions

In any case, conditioning yourself to certain behavior can help be more productive not only in searching for new people to hang out with but also in life in general. But yes, it’s a weird but practical way to find people to hang out with if all your friends are out of touch for the time being (or, you know, if you want to find a girlfriend). 

Joining the communities when Russians are active

Russian is the second most-used language online, but the Russian gaming community is even more noticeable. Whereas the European can largely speak English and do that for better communication, the Russians barely know this language. Thus, it’s pretty easy to spot a Russian person in the community. They either only speak their own language or speak a botched version of English.

In short, you can spot them easily in the international communities that they use frequently. So, why not visit them when Russians are most active, and the English-speaking people are less so? Sure, for some it means not sleeping properly, but nobody said it was going to be easy.

Watching European streams

There’s really no better place to form friendships than stream chats on Youtube and Twitch. There’s this special atmosphere of people who’d spend tons of money on people they like and ridicule them moments later. That’s how true friendships are built. 

And you know where Russians are most welcome? The streams hosted by Europeans. They often speak English and stream at the same time when people from Russia and Europe are awake and active. 

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Be active socially

90% or more percent of gaming people aren’t interacting verbally with each other in the process. However, you won’t be able to make friends if you don’t talk to people you like (or think you’ll like). 

At the same time, inactive people often respond verbally to people who speak to them in online sessions, especially if you know what you’re doing in-game. The advice is simple, in order to even get to know anyone, you have to be verbally and socially active with people (and Russian women in particular). Games enable you to do so a lot more than real life does, you should use this advantage.

In conclusion

To find a gamer Russian female is the same as to find a person of any other interest. Unless you want to use dating apps for it, you’ll need to actually take steps to achieve your goal. At the very least, you have to visit international communities and be active in them. You won’t find new friends by being absolutely passive.

That’s the end of this article. Not satisfied? Then check out other texts on this website, maybe they’ll be of more help. Oh, and here’s also the video you might check out in case you’re tired of reading:

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