How to Create a Dating Profile for Russian Dating Sites

When creating a dating profile for Russian dating sites, you want to appeal to the Russian demographic while remaining genuine and hitting all the key points needed to attract Russian women. For those unfamiliar with online dating and top Russian dating sites, there’s a lot to learn but all the information is pretty simple. Here is how to write a spectacular profile that will surely get you one step closer to finding the lady love of your dreams. 

Talk Family

You can save the details for another time but it is suggested that you briefly touch on your family and their importance to you because Russian women love hearing such things. Family is valued in Russia and they take familial relationships very seriously. Chances are, any Russian woman you meet is very close to every single member of her family and may even live with them. Sharing a little about your family also heightens a woman’s interests since the average Russian woman would like to meet a man, marry and start a family of her own sooner than later. 

Future Plans

When creating a dating profile for Russian dating sites, you want to touch on any plans you have for the future. After a man sends a woman a message online, she looks at his pictures and reads his profile description. Finding a man to build a future with tops the list of priorities for the average Russian woman so share yours. Along with attracting more women, you increase your chance of connecting with likeminded women looking for the same things. That is what online dating is about at the end of the day. It broadens choices to increase the chance of finding a perfect match.

Current Lifestyle 

Russian women dating online are looking for a man who can provide the lifestyle they have only dreamed of so give details about yours in your profile. Don’t worry, this isn’t about Russian women going after your money. Finding a good guy who can offer a woman a nice life along with his love and affection is a badge of honor for women from Russia. Just remember that sharing your lifestyle doesn’t mean trying to appear wealthy. Just share what you like to do. For example, if you travel often, discuss that. Do you frequent the gym? Touch on that subject. Are you a wine connoisseur? Mention a few of your favorites. She will piece together the puzzle on her own.  

Go Red

In addition to the color having a place in Russia’s history (Red Square, red corner- krasni ugol), it is a power color on men and one thing a Russian woman cannot resist is a powerful man. Rather than going for a red shirt or another bold piece, take a subtle approach with something like a red tie or scarf. You will definitely catch the eye of some stunners and deter attention away from your competition. 

Upload Several Photos

Although most suggest a minimum of three, upload several photos so the ladies can get a good look at you. Your gallery presents the chance to share a visual story, therefore, you must treat it as such with an array of photos to look through. Whatever photos you choose, ensure they are clear, well lit, high resolution photos. Before you go take new photos, look through recent ones on your phone or computer that you could use. We often have hidden gems in our personal albums. 

Show Your Romantic Side

When creating a dating profile for Russian dating sites, you want to show your romantic side. Successfully dating a Russian woman requires romance. They want to interconnect with a man both mentally and emotionally before taking any further steps. The reason for this is determining whether a man is serious about a relationship or not. Let’s be honest, some men are on these sites trying to obtain a trophy wife but these women want and deserve something real and true. Make sure you stand out from those guys by sharing how you treat a woman and what your idea of an amazing date is. If you make her eyes light up with just your profile, imagine what effect you’ll have when you start communicating one on one.

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