Preparations you can make before starting to date a Russian beauty online

Dating, at least in this author’s opinion, isn’t something you should be overly-worried or obsessive about. Of course, you need to prepare yourself for it to look more presentable, etc, but it’s not like you must be ready for everything that happens on a date to have success in dating some Russian beauty online or offline.

All the same, you just can’t make some people chill and flow with the flow. In this case, they at least need to know what to do to make the relationship work better and not make it awkward with that. It’s especially relevant for those who prefer to date Russian women online because the feeling that you may experience something you aren’t ready for is redoubled in this case.

Well, if you need to know how to make the relationship online as smooth as possible, then come read some of this gibberish below.

Learn the time zones

It may be obvious that, if you’re an American, for instance, you can’t talk to your Russian acquaintance at night (because they sleep). 

Knowing the time zones the Russians live in gives you another advantage. Well, ‘advantage’ is a strong word, you just get to screw up less, perhaps. That is, if you know how many hours away your girlfriend lives, and also keep in mind her average schedule — you can actually figure out when she’s home pretty easily. 

All in all, knowing it helps you understand in what situation your partner may be at the moment. For instance, if it’s the evening for her, then she’s coming to sleep and probably has time to chat with you. Well, you get the idea, no point elaborating on it.

There are many time zones

Just a quick reminder: Russia is a huge country. There are officially eleven time zones, just don’t forget that. It, for some reason, you can’t ask your partner what time it is (if you can’t recall the distance, for example), then just type what time it is in her city, that’s all.

Install the correct apps

Given that keeping in touch is paramount if you chose to date some Russian beauty online, you may consider making advances yourself. What it means is that there some apps that Russians like more than other people. And you, being a sensitive person, could install them to be in touch more.

The apps

There are several of these apps that may come of use for you:

  1. VKontakte. It’s a social network that you can also install on your phone. If a Russian person you’re keeping in touch with spends at least some of her time on the Internet — chances are, she uses VK on a regular basis. The app has tons of abilities, but mainly it’s used for communication. You can either just text her or arrange a call;
  2. Whatsapp. There are other messengers available (more or less) in Russia, like Viber, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. But Whatapp, for some reason, is far more popular than any of its rivals. You can exchange messages fairly quickly and even call each other free of charge, what else can you wish for?
  3. Optionally, you could also install Discord, the messenger that gives you an ability to set up the calls and the video ‘conferences’ right on your computer. It’ll do fine if you expect to have very long sessions on your computer. Many Russians use it to see what their friends are doing online are join them on a whim

All the rest is up to you. You can see what your girlfriend likes to do in her spare time and adopt your leisure accordingly. Again, it’s up to you.

Image of a Russian lady

Take photos 

You know, if you want to make a relationship with any Russian beauty online work, you’ll probably need to take many photos, so as to make some semblance of a physical bond. Make videos if you want. It’s clear that she will make them as many as she likes. But if you want her to continue this exchange (and you should want to continue it), you need to reply with your own photos and videos.

If you think you can’t do that on a regular basis, then the relationship may not turn out very lengthy. It may sound like a wild assumption, but you the fact remains — you have to draw as many bridges between you and her as you can. And exchanging images of yourselves is quite a sturdy bridge.

Leaning Russian

The desire to learn Russia in order to better understand your partner who primarily speaks Russian seems reasonable. But if you don’t know anything about this language, it may prove difficult. The only situation when studying Russian is something you should pursue is when you know that the relationship you find yourself in will undoubtedly last for a very long time.

If you only aim to start such a relationship or if you’re unsure of your current relationship, then it’s not reasonable, no. 

Russian is very difficult for someone who’s never stumbled upon a Slavic tongue in their life. And you, chances say, are just such a person. 

Why it’s not worth it

Learning English is much either for a Russian person than learning Russian is for any English-speaking one. And, after all, if you are currently dating any Russian beauty online, she probably already knows Russian to some point. It’s better if she knew it on a good level, however. The lack of communication is never good, especially if you date a person via the Internet.

So, you really shouldn’t start a relationship with a person that doesn’t know English well, even if you like her very much. If her English is average, however, you can always nudge her and help her learn the language, it’ll be an excellent bonding experience. It won’t take much time, it takes on average half a year to go from B1 to C1 (from Intermediate to Advanced).

In the end, learning this language would be a nice touch, but also a great challenge.

You could get used to traveling

See, online dating is actually not made. Distance lets you do things you wouldn’t be able to do close to your partner, but also doesn’t allow you to partake in lot of awesome bonding experiences. How nice would it be if you could combine the two types of dating?

Your options

You could actually come to be with your loved one physically after a while of loving her online, but it’s not for all. You’d need to either come to Russia of whatever country your beloved lives in or persuade her to move to your country. Still, it’s a challenge.

If you aren’t ready for that yet, however, you can visit her in Russia once in a while, it’s also an option. And if you’re interested in this country and her culture, it’s only fitting that you come there and witness this culture up-close, all the while trying to hit on the women here.

If, on the contrary, you don’t like Russia and you aren’t interested in learning more about it, then you’ll probably have to either resort to the former 2 option or stick to dating your Russian beauty exclusively online. It can become dull after a while, however. That’s exactly why you need to keep visiting a person that is dear to you sometimes.

Picture of a loving couple

In conclusion

Apart from all of the above, there are also other things you could do to be prepared, but it largely depends on a kind of person you are and a kind of person your alleged future girlfriend is. So, it’s really not worth getting prepared for.

You can’t be prepared for anything, and where’s the fun in it? You need to improvise on the go, overcome the obstacles when they appear before you, it’s also part of the bonding experience, given you overcome these difficulties together.

But that’s just yammering at this point. Hopefully, you got the general idea of what you could do to not screw up your relationship with a Russian beauty online.

And, hopefully, you also liked this article, because it’s coming to an end, and it would be nice to know that it’s appreciated by someone else. If you like, you can see the other articles on this website, or even watch the video if you’re done reading for today:

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