Profiles to avoid on free Russian dating sites

There are plenty of Russian dating sites all over the internet, and choosing a good one is no easy task. They all promise you amazing services and an epic love story with a gorgeous Eastern European beauty. Their charges vary from very negligible amounts to significant sums. There are also free Russian dating sites which sound particularly attractive for a new person.

Really, why should you pay if there are free matchmaking services for you to try? Well, as one famous proverb says, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The simple fact is, these kind of sites are often set up as a hub for all sorts of online scammers and fraudsters whose mere goal is to separate you from your hard earned money.

Instead of a free site, it’s strongly recommended to join a reputable online platform with a paid membership and reliable support system. Successful websites care for their reputation and try their best to provide the best possible services to their clients, as well as to protect them from scammers and swindlers. But if you’re determined to try your luck on free Russian dating sites, here are several types of women’s profiles you’d better avoid.

How to recognize scammers on free Russian dating sites

Profiles with unbelievably attractive professional pictures

Of course, Russian women are famed for their beauty, and it’s common to see plenty of gorgeous looking females on every dating site. Yet a swindler would go one step further and select flawless professional pictures of a model or actress.

If pictures look too suspicious to you, a quick Google image search will let you know whether you’re so distrustful for a reason. When a scammer uses stolen photographs, they can’t send you an ordinary photo or a selfie in order to prove their authenticity. If they start making excuses when you request them to send such photos, don’t bother writing them ever again.

Needless to say, a swindler with fake pictures will never talk to you on Skype. And of course, you may report them, but on free Russian dating sites there are usually nobody to assist you or help you out in a difficult situation.

Inactive profiles

If you see that a woman was last logged in ages ago, don’t waste your time contacting her. Most probably she’s not interested in dating, love and marriage at all. There are no approval process on free dating sites, and everyone can upload their profiles without being verified. Some people join dating websites out of curiosity or just to see what happens.

They quickly lose interest and never come back to the site again. But there is no one to remove their profiles, and members of the opposite sex keep wasting their time trying to contact that pretty girl who was last logged in two years ago.

Generally speaking, free Russian dating sites are objectionable for two reasons – a high probability of being scammed and even higher probability of simply wasting your time. Of course, it’s still possible to find your soul mate on free Russian dating sites, but it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Profiles with nothing but pictures

If you see an empty profile with nothing but photos, don’t bother contacting a person. Even if they are real, the chances are they’re too arrogant. The hidden message behind an empty profile is “Why should I bother writing anything? You’re going to contact me anyway”.

They don’t have to try hard in order to impress their potential partner. Of course, you’re not interested in meeting someone with this kind of attitude. Alternatively, a woman could be curious about meeting a foreign man, but she’s too insecure and self-conscious to actually get involved.

Targeted audience is one of the advantages of using matchmaking services. A huge database of Russian women who are actually interested in starting a romantic relationship with a foreign man, getting married and moving abroad is what makes your searches so much easier. If a dating site can’t offer you this option, what’s the point of joining it? You could as well contact random girls on social media channels or penpal sites.

Rules of success on free Russian sites providing matchmaking services

Profiles of young and attractive girls who sound too sweet

One of the signs that indicate a scammer on free Russian dating sites is excessive sweetness. They will go out of their way to shower you with sweet words, they will never object to anything you say, and you’ll feel like the most attractive, generous, accomplished and intelligent man on Earth.

Usually they go for this sugary sweetness in their letters, but even their profiles bear the same mark. If a girl sounds too good to be true, she probably isn’t. You can try corresponding with her, of course, but earlier or later she’ll inevitably start asking for financial support.

Usually it’s earlier than later. And by that time you’ll be so dependent on a daily dose of sweetness from her that it will be extremely difficult to say no.

Tips on contacting women on free Russian dating websites

Should you abandon the idea of meeting a Russian women?

By all means not! Russian women have proved to be a great wife material. They represent a unique combination of external beauty, rich inner world, vast general knowledge and traditional family values. Of course you wouldn’t like to lose your chance of meeting a woman like this because of a bunch of fraudsters and scammers playing their games on the internet.

Thousands men from the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe have already found their happiness with loyal and devoted Russian women, and you have all the chances to succeed, too. The question only in going about it the right way.

What sites should you join for better results?

As mentioned earlier, a trustworthy website with a paid membership is far superior to free Russian dating sites in terms of safety and efficiency. The advantages of joining a reputable website with monthly charges include a sophisticated search tool, a large database of women from all over Eastern Europe, lots of communication options, translation services (if needed), compulsory verification process for all the profiles and a reliable support system.

If your budget is limited and you try to stretch your dollar, no worries – dating sites don’t charge much. They do have golden and platinum plans for extra services, but basic memberships are usually very inexpensive.

It’s even more negligible when you compare the charges to amounts of money you inevitably spend on dates when courting a woman locally. With online dating, everything happens over the internet with the very minimal investment from you, so what more do you want?

What kind of profile should you have in order to attract women?

If you don’t want your account to fall into the category “profiles to avoid on dating sites”, take some time and effort over perfecting it and making it look attractive. Your winning profile should stand out of the crowd. Russian women are extremely popular on dating websites, and every girl gets dozens of mails from western men who are eager to get to know her better.

So your profile has to be eye catchy in order to attract her attention. Make sure to upload a high quality picture, preferably of your smiling face. Avoid blurred images, group photos, bathroom selfies and pictures of you looking tired, unhappy, miserable or angry.

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Fill in all the profile fields. Provide as much information as possible without sounding too monotonous and boring. Keep it cheerful and don’t complain too much even if you can’t stand loneliness any longer. Demonstrate your excellent sense of humour. If you make a woman smile, you’re halfway to success.

These are sonly some recommendations on what profiles to avoid on free Russian dating sites and how to make your online dating game more efficient. Most importantly, you should trust your guts and improvise when needed. There is no universal recipes when it comes to finding the woman of your dreams.

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