The right way to set up a profile on a Russian dating website

If you’ve been thinking of starting a romantic relationship with an Eastern European lady, the best way to go about it is to join a reputable and trustworthy dating site. There are plenty of women using these websites who are interested in finding their love abroad. Plenty of men from Western Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia have already found someone special in Slavic countries, and you can do it, too. The key is to set up a winning profile on a Russian dating website.

Your opening line, picture and introduction is what determines your success with Eastern European girls. An interesting and eye-catchy profile increases your response rate, and therefore your chances for success. You don’t want the woman of your dreams to leave your message without a reply simply because you haven’t taken any effort on making your profile sound interesting and inspiring. Let’s have a few glimpses on how to set up a profile on a Russian dating site the right way.

Clichés to avoid on a Russian dating website

Avoid dating clichés

There are thousands of western men using the matchmaking services on international dating websites. Lots of them tend to use generic descriptions and overused statements when talking about their interests and hobbies, careers and dreams, views on family life and plans for the future. Imagine a woman receiving a dozen emails a day from guys who sound exactly the same. How is she supposed to make her choice? Shouldn’t there be some originality to each person? Shouldn’t their life stories sound unique?

So, one thing to keep in mind when setting up a profile on a Russian dating website is to make it original and interesting to read. You should stand out of the crowd if you really want to find someone special and start a long lasting relationship with them.

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid clichés, because in most cases they are true and it’s really the way you can describe yourself. For example, your family is really important to you, you’re an easy-going and nice person, you like to travel and you dream of finding someone really special. There is no problem in being this kind of person.

The problem is that your neighbour Joe can be described the very same way. And it doesn’t give any real information to a woman you might be interesting in. So your task is to find an original way of describing yourself, simply because girls get to read clichés all the time, and eventually they start thinking whether those statements are actually true.

Frequently used clichés on Dating sites

If you want your profile to be like a drop of water in the desert for a woman who gets hundreds of similar messages from hundreds of similar men, make sure to avoid these statements:

  • Family is the most important thing in my life.
  • I’m equally comfortable wearing formal suits and jeans and t-shirts.
  • I love outdoors, but I’m just as happy staying indoors.
  • I’m not very good at describing myself.
  • I’m looking for a decent and kind woman who knows what she wants.
  • I like to travel.
  • I’m an easy-going and laid-back guy who likes to enjoy life.
  • I’m looking for a woman with a great sense of humour.
  • My intentions are very serious. I’m not here to play games.

There are many more overused statements like this, but you’ve got the point.

The right way to put together a winning profile on a Russian dating site

The main problem with them is that they make you sound boring. Talking about how much you enjoy traveling when you get your two weeks’ vacation or how you want your future girlfriend to have a great sense of humour gives Russian women an impression that you’re nothing special. And what can be so special about a man who enjoy exactly the same generic stuff that everyone does.

Also, a boring profile makes you sound very predictable. Let’s face it, when people look for a life partner, they anticipate exciting changes in their lives. But if you start dating someone who sounds so ordinary, there is no excitement is on your radar. So why should you date them at all? People are complex beings, and one of the joys of being in a relationship with someone is to discover their personalities layer by layer. You shouldn’t give women on a Russian dating website an impression that there is nothing to discover in you.

Also, clichés are a lazy way to set up someone’s profile. If you don’t make any effort when writing s simple profile on a dating site, how a woman is supposed to know that you’re going to take trouble over making this relationship work?

Be more specific when describing yourself

One sure way to avoid sounding generic is to be more specific when describing your interests, hobbies, career, dreams for the future and past experiences. For example, if you love gardening, make sure to specify what plants you enjoy growing and how beautiful your garden looks in spring and summer when there are so many flowering plants around.

If you enjoy traveling so much s you claim, talk about your favorite travel destinations and experiences you liked the most. What kind of travel do you prefer – solo travel, family travel, buying a tour or planning everything on your own?

Are you an architecture enthusiast or a gourmand interested in national cuisines of different countries? If you enjoy working out, no one expects you to describe your entire routine, but it’s a nice idea to let people know what exactly you do.

Also, make sure to be sincere. You’ll be surprise how much will come out of you once you start talking sincerely about your life, dreams and aspirations. Forget about writing a dating profile for thousands of faceless women to read. Imagine the women of your dreams reading your introduction. Write it as if you’re writing a personal mail to her.

Don’t forget to tell a story. It shouldn’t be a story of your entire life – no one is going to read lengthy descriptions on a Russian dating website. But a witty anecdote or two will give a woman a chance to get to know you on a deeper level. If you’re not sure how to implement these tips, check out some of the dating profile examples.

Eye-catchy profile on an international dating website

Photographs are important, too

They say a single picture speaks louder than thousand words. When it comes to dating websites, it’s only partially true. Pictures and profile fields are equally important, so don’t underestimate either of them. Make sure your profile photo is of high quality – blurred and heavily pixelated images are not acceptable.
Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly attractive, don’t hide behind sunglasses or helmets – you’ll have to reveal your face earlier or later, anyway. If you’re not very good at talking pictures of yourself, ask a friend to help you out or, even better, use the services of a professional photographer. After all, women on a Russian dating website upload beautiful photos taken in a photo studio, so why shouldn’t you?

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You won’t believe it, but there are certain photo trends on dating sites which can be classified as clichés, too. For example, there are hundreds of bathroom selfies, pictures of naked torsos, pictures of pets as main profiles photos and so on. All these are turn offs for an average Russian woman.

Also, make sure to avoid photos of you with other women, whether it’s your ex, your sister or your niece. Group photos and pictures with messy backgrounds are of no use either. Russian ladies pay close attention to a man’s appearance, so make sure to dress up for the profile photo. Your outfit shouldn’t be anything fancy, but it shouldn’t be crumpled or untidy either.

These are only some recommendations on how to make your profile look more attractive on a Russian dating website. When you get the feel of what international dating is all about, you’ll be able to make changes on your own. Don’t get easily discouraged if you’re not successful from the very beginning – everything comes with experience. All the best!


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