Tips on creating a winning profile on Ukrainian dating sites

If you’re thinking of starting a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian girl, the first thing to do is to join a reputable dating site. The website of your choice should be legitimate and trusted, and preferable with a paid membership. Free and pay-per-letter sites are often set up as scams, and losing money is not exactly what you’re interested in, right? Look through several Ukrainian dating sites and join the one you like best.

Once you get registered, it’s time to put up a profile. It may seem easy, especially if you aren’t new to the whole online dating thing, but there are certain peculiarities you need to know.

Yes, there is no second chance to make a first impression, and you may feel pressured to write something extremely exciting, smart or amusing – something to impress all those stunning beauties who look so confident and spoiled for choice.

But the truth is, creating a winning profile on a Ukrainian dating site is all about providing clear and honest information while keeping it cheerful, optimistic and interesting. If you have no clue how to achieve this effect, dating profile examples are available online. And here are a few tips on improving your introduction and getting better responses from gorgeous Ukrainian girls.

Putting up a successful profile on Ukrainian dating sites

Make use of all the options on Ukrainian dating sites

Simply put, don’t leave any blanks. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for a woman to make out what sort of person you are. If a sire allows you to type up to 1200 characters per section, don’t limit yourself to short generic replies. If they ask you to upload up to ten photos, make sure to take full advantage of this option as well. If it’s possible to upload a short video, don’t neglect this chance under any circumstances. And of course, don’t skip a dating profile headline.

Be honest with women from the very beginning

If you browse through women’s profiles on dating sites, you may notice that many of them make sure to specify honesty among the character traits their Mr. Right should possess. Women despise liars and guys who show off. With that in mind, be realistic and don’t exaggerate your qualities, skills and accomplishments.

Fools lie, clever men stick to the truth. So make sure to provide accurate information about your age, professional achievements, place of living, travel destinations, number of kids and so on.

If you start a long distance relationship with a Ukrainian girl and she catches you manipulating the truth, it’s highly unlikely she’ll want anything to do with you. A woman with a self respect wouldn’t waste her time on someone who deserves no trust.

So don’t stretch the truth in order to shape yourself into something you’re not. Trying to present yourself in a better light doesn’t work in the long run – keeping up with the image you’ve created may be harder than you think.

Provide more details

Foreign men looking for Ukrainian girls on international dating sites

When you fill the profile fields on Ukrainian dating sites, your personality should shine through your writing. Generally speaking, a woman should be able to get a sense of who she’s talking to. This effect can hardly be achieved with non-specific facts, so it’s important to go into more detail in each section of your dating profile.

If you like travelling, make sure to mention your favourite destinations or unique travel experiences. If you’re fond of gardening, it would be great to specify what flowering plants, fruit trees or vegetables you like to grow. If you enjoy reading, name a few authors you like best. Lots of Ukrainian women are extremely well-read, and they will be curious to find out your preferences.

Make it easier for women to contact you

One of the purposes of taking so much trouble over your profile on Ukrainian dating sites is to make it easier for girls to start a correspondence with you. When a woman happens to read your profile, she shouldn’t find it difficult to say something when contacting you. Make sure each section of your profile is well written and informative.

If you provide only basic information and leave the majority of profile fields empty, you’ll fail to spark a woman’s interest and lose a chance to start a wonderful relationship with someone compatible. Help her to come up with a question. Are you a romantic, chivalrous man?

Add “Ask me how I would court a woman of my dreams”. Do you like a particular kind of movies? Write something like “I’m sure you won’t guess what my favourite one is”. Love cooking? Intrigue her with a promise to cook a dish or two specially for her.

Be romantic and exude your charm

Eastern European girls are exceedingly romantic – this is something to remember when putting up a profile on Ukrainian dating sites. They are brought up with a romantic idea of finding true love, getting married in a beautiful white dress and living happily ever after with their Mr. Right.

Feel free to be as romantic as you want and lay upon your charm. It’s alright is parts of your profile sound a bit too emotional – after all, it’s all about love and romance on a dating site. Don’t overdo things though, otherwise you’ll appear ridiculously sentimental and sensitive.

Statistics shows that a guy from the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe get more responses from Ukrainian girls if they use words like “romantic”, “soul mate”, “true love”, “life lasting relationship”, “partner for life”, “romance”, “one and only”, “love of my life”.

These are the words that will speak to an Easter European women searching for romance and marriage abroad. Even the most sceptical and pragmatic Slavic girls secretly believe in meeting their Prince Charming, so don’t hesitate to be as romantic as nay old-fashioned gentleman of the bygone era would be.

Don’t talk badly about your ex girlfriends

As a matter of fact, Ukrainian women are not likely to enjoy hearing about your previous relationships, no matter whether you talk badly of them or not. And it makes them raise their hackles when a guy complains about his ex girlfriend or wife, even if he has all the reasons to be unhappy. They would rather prefer someone with a gentleman-like conduct – someone who respects a woman even after the romantic relationship is over.

Instead of talking about your previous relationship, you’d better focus on describing a girl you would like to meet. Talk about character traits you admire, and values you’re searching for. Express yours views on marriage and relationships, and let a woman know about your idea of an ideal partner.

Don’t be too brief, but don’t write excessively either

When you write a profile on Ukrainian dating sites, it’s recommended to walk a middle path where the length of your descriptions in concerned. Don’t be too brief and abrupt, but don’t write excessively long paragraphs either. When it comes to dating, things happen much faster online than in real life, and no one is going to sit long hours in front of the monitor going through your entire life story.

Don’t give everything away in one go. Your profile should intrigue a woman and make her feel like contacting you right away. Your page should give a distinct idea of what sort of person you are. Interesting details here and there will give girls a reason to get in touch with you in order to find out more.

Don’t underestimate the power of photographs

Not only men are visually oriented – women are equally drawn to attractive photos. Your picture is an essential part of your profile on Ukrainian dating sites – girls in Eastern Europe take a great deal of trouble over their appearance, and looks of their potential partner is equally important for them.

A good example of profile pictures for men on Ukrainian dating sites

Make sure to look presentable on the photo. Avoid group photos, bathroom selfies, topless pictures, heavily pixelated and blurred images. Make sure to wear a well chosen outfit. And don’t forget to turn your smiling setting on!

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These are only some tips on how to create a winning profile on Ukrainian dating sites. Feel free to improvise and trust your own judgements.

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