Top 7 Dating Profile Picture Tips

Everyone could use dating profile picture tips. That profile picture serves as the first visual prospective dates will see. Much like meeting someone in person, physical appearance determines initial attraction and plays a role in whether 1. Someone on the site contacts you or 2. Replies to your first message. Therefore, you must get them right. Here are 7 helpful tips to do just that.

Upload Recent Profile Photos ONLY

There is no reason to mislead potential dates. Be honest from the very start and only upload recent photos. The singles you correspond with want to see how you look now, not ten years ago. Also, keep in mind that the ultimate goal of online dating is meeting face to face. If a connection reaches that point, you don’t want to lose trust at the very start. 

Add Some Variety to Your Profile

Online dating is a numbers game and photos either increase or decrease your odds of catching the right person’s eye. An excellent online dating profile includes 3 types of photos. These are:

  • Headshots
    Headshots are clear photos of your face. In these photos, you want to smile, maintain warm eyes and simply put your best face forward. Headshots are the welcoming photographs. You know, the ones that make someone say, “I want to get to know that person”. To ensure you select the right photos, have a friend take a series of pictures and choose your favorites to upload.
  • Full body photos
    Online dating is primarily based on attraction so you want to give prospective dates the full picture of what you look like. As you know, this includes your general body type. For the best results, wear clothes that flatter your physique. 
  • Action shots
    Action shots serve a purpose beyond showing you in a variety of settings. They display your passions and interests through pictures. Many online dating experts will tell you that it is better to show than tell. Some sites even allow users to upload videos. The only thing better than a photo of you skiing, hiking or cycling is a video of these activities.

Stick with the One Selfie Maximum

Another on the list of dating profile picture tips is that selfies do not convert outside of social networking. Instead, set up a tripod to snap a few shots, take advantage of the self-timer feature or ask a friend/family member to take some photographs. Although selfies are popular, online dating profiles flooded with them do not get the desired activity. They tend to look careless and quickly thrown together.

Avoid Group Shots

Group shots are confusing. Yes, you have friends. That is great but group pictures leave prospective dates wondering, “Which one are you?” Your page is about you so leave it at that. If things work out, you’ll get the chance to share pictures or introduce them to those close to you. 

Keep It Casual

People want to impress on these sites so badly that they go overboard with profile photos. They dress up as if they are going to a special event and look nothing like they do on an everyday basis. Instead, keep it casual. Some additional grooming is fine for the purpose of the photo but be real. If you ever decide to meet, you want the image your date saw online to match how you look in real life. 

Choose a Simple Background

For your main profile picture, a white background is best. It reflects light well and puts the focus on you. Better yet, it makes even the most random photo look professional. Believe it or not, people get professional headshots taken for their online dating profile. Doing so is fine if that’s what you want. Yet again, just make sure they are casual, very natural shots.

Resist the Urge to Edit

Lastly, do not photoshop your profile photos (people can tell when you do). A few adjustments like editing brightness and contrast is fine as is red eye reduction and a little color correction but stop there. Heavily edited photos not only make people think you are hiding something but it shows insecurity. 

Follow the dating profile picture tips above and enjoy the impact it has on your love life. Your inbox will be full of flirty messages in no time.

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