WetHunt Review (best dating profile coach)

What is WetHunt for?

WH is a modern yet classical platform for western singles that helps to hookup locally and internationally. One can find a match of any age, any race or ethnicity for casual purposes.

Interracial hookups on WH

WetHunt is more than just an Asian dating platform, it’s just a part of its overall activity and database which mostly contains of Caucasian personals. Around 10K of Asian models are there too.

However, no African women are present on the site, although it can change to the end of 2020. One can find plenty of Latin and Hispanic girls from the US and their native countries.

Ukrainian models

Same-sex hookups on WH

The site is positioned as heterosexual and LGBTQ casual dating platform, with a certain number of gay singles. Although straight users severely prevail, it is totally possible to get laid with the same-sex person.

As a part of the project, the site is planning to reflect the actual LGBT events locally and worldwide on its pages, creating a kind of the dating blog and attracting more thematic members.

Eastern European hookups on WH

Like many other dating sites and casual sex platforms nowadays, WetHunt is greatly focused on Eastern European women. Many of them naturally look like models and know how to treat a man.

Russian models

Russia is a huge country that includes Slavic beauties, Tatar beauties, Armenian hotties and many other types of sexy girls. This collection of pearls can be reached via WetHunts in counted seconds.

Most of Russian girls on WH are from Moscow and St. Petersburg, simply because those are the biggest cities and their population is big. It’s also easier to travel there by plane at lowered price.

Ukrainian models

Some dating experts claim Ukraine has never got any considerable reward in the world beauty contests, but it’s far from truth. Most of Soviet and post-Soviet beauty queens were of Ukrainian origin.

Today, half Hungarian and half Ukrainian model Alexandra Nikolayenko holds the Miss Ukraine Universe agency where the most gorgeous girls participate. There are many Ukraine beauties on WH.

Russian models

Belarus models

Some westerners think Belarus is just a part of Russia, but it’s a very unique ethnicity. Belarusian girls are nearly all blondes, with blue eyes, genetically slim and fit, so it’s a pure pleasure.

Their language differs from Russian as well, but they usually speak basic English and can easily meet out of the site. Arrange your Belarusian date and hookups on WetHunt since chances are high.

Progressive countries

Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova are considered better developed countries in this part of the world since they’re more pro-European.

Hot girls from all of these countries can be met on WetHunt. Since the database is still being formed, there is a bigger chance to encounter women from the capital cities, rather than from towns.

Even if you’re a very fan of Russian beauty, progressive Eastern Europeans have their own advantages. For instance, they’re financially independent and won’t expect you to pay for everything.

They’re also more skilled in a bed. Reportedly, all these girls and Czech females in particular, can be both dominant and submissive, practice threesomes, and show the most extravagant talents.

Conception of the site

Some find the name of the site and its conception too frank and even inappropriate. Wet hunting, sounds too physical plus the play of words in Wet Hunt is on the edge of vulgarity, almost a curse.

However, another part of users just doesn’t mind any title as long as the platform itself works and brings results. Such open-minded folks insist the conception of WH is sex-positive and it’s cool.

Eastern European hookups on WH

Virtual sex only?

In conditions of the world economical crisis and natural people’s laziness, there is always a danger the hookup site will turn into a virtual sex platform with professional webcam girls.

Sometimes WH is also close to that, but it won’t happen since its services are free and girls just aren’t interested in any commercial promotion. They do want to meet for real and make things happen.

It’s not so clear with men and men’s intentions though. One needs an extra motivation for leaving his comfortable bedroom of a loner and purchasing the airplane tickets somewhere far.

Just for sex? Many think it’s not worthy of stressful traveling and money waste. The bar girl can always be found around the corner in one’s own city. However, the extra motivation exists.

  • Collecting the ethnicities. Yes, experienced womanizers love having a collection of different races and nationalities in their saturated memory. Want to start collecting too?
  • Vacationing with benefits. You’ll go to the cheap beaches of Mexico or Ukraine anyway. So why not to combine this with hookuping the most beautiful local girls out there?
  • Business trips with benefits. It’s not rare that active men go to other countries for business. They meet their potential customers or plan new projects. Girls are a bonus!

How to raise the satisfaction?

Since WetHunt is primarily meant for your pleasure, don’t miss a chance. Video chats serve great for this purpose, and normally girls accept any fantasy, fulfil any wish of a man online.

As to the real meetings, be courageous, self-confident, persistent, very open, and you’ll succeed in any country of the world. WH is a wonderful efficient source for the real-time hookups.


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