What are the most popular professions among Russian ladies?

First, let us look at what professional self-realization is for a woman. As soon as you begin to think about this issue, everything immediately becomes difficult. This raises the problem of the social purpose of women, and the issue of gender equality. We immediately recall Klara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg. In fact, in modern society, a Russian ladies can work in almost any profession and succeed in every business, they only need a desire to build a career. From the side of the state, which takes care of the health of mothers, for Russian ladies there is only a ban on physically hard work and unhealthy professions, such as miners, lumberjacks and special forces soldiers. All other ways for women are open!

Yes, there are Russian ladies who make their careers: women captains, women top managers of corporations and financial analysts. However, there are those who are not looking for career heights. There are Russian ladies who believe that making money is the job of men. They want to devote themselves to the family – to raise and educate children, to create coziness in their home. There is a third category of women, who want to successfully combine the first and second – to find a balance between work and home. Thinking of the special female role as wife, mother and at the same time professional, we offer a list of popular professions in which Russian ladies work interestingly and comfortably.

Russian ladies tend to become doctors

How do they choose right the career?

It is a well-known fact, that a good salary is a key indicator of prosperous and enjoyable way of living for every woman. Nevertheless, Russian ladies choose very wisely the future career, perform a deeply analysis of local labour market, taking into account personal preferences, skills and strong points. In 2017, the most attractive spheres for Russian ladies were: travel, medicine and pharmaceuticals, personal coaching and fitness.

 Usually, Russian ladies choose their profession with heart, not paying attention to somebody’s opinion, society or even willing of parents. If they really have desire to become doctors, teachers or even traders, they will do everything to reach the goals. You will not meet more persistent women, than Russian one. Russian ladies always think to steps ahead, they will make not to burn out at work in first two or five years and will gain all necessary skills to jump in career.

In addition, Russian ladies will definitely make sure that they know responsibilities of profession, talk with people who work in this field and make analysis of advantages and disadvantages.

List of Top Specialties

The current situation on the labour market has changed over the last twenty years, now women can easily take men’s job, and the list is countless. Men took jobs on the kitchen, in the most famous restaurants, in the same time women feel happy in the field of molecular physics. Let us see what kind of technical jobs are popular in Russia:

  • On the top of the list is nanotechnology sphere. Russian laddies have great capacity to reach great results.
  • Chemical industry – another field, which is popular among women. Good salary attracts them, but aggressive working conditions do not scare them.
  • Prestigious IT industry – is on the third place. QA testers, developers, projects managers – all these positions confidently are occupied by Russian ladies.
  • Small, but significant percentage of Russian ladies choose their future in engineering, design, implementation and development of space field. You can think it is hard and not for women, however they manage to develop it successfully.
  • The last, and not the least popular sphere and professions related with oil production.

Demanded female professions in Russia

Russian ladies strive to receive prestigious professions, becoming designers, PR managers, clinical psychologists, hoteliers, but the labour market also needs doctors, personnel managers, teachers, social workers, etc.

  • Medical workers

Russian ladies are more accurate, they inspire confidence in patients and quickly learn. The labour market is in need of surgeons, obstetrician-gynecologists, defectologists, speech therapists, pharmacists, ENT doctors, in this area there is always staff turnover. Necessary and nursing staff: dental hygienists, paramedics and other specialists.

  • Chemical engineer

The work of chemical chemists is well paid, but it is quite complicated and responsible, therefore, applicants are in no hurry to choose it. A profession both technical and creative, it is ideal for purposeful, enthusiastic and responsible Russian ladies who want to benefit society.

  • Babysitters

Groups in state kindergartens are crowded, and paying a private preschool is expensive. Therefore, most Russian families tend to hire a nanny for the whole day or hourly. Highly qualified nannies will always be in demand on the labour market, the salary of these specialists is much higher than the salary of a teacher in a public school or teacher in a kindergarten.

Babysitting great chance to make money fast

The most female professions

The notion that a woman should not carry heavy loads, work as a pilot or engineer has sunk into oblivion. In the XXI century, the Russian ladies can conquer space and the oceans, make scientific discoveries, but there are still several professions in which only beautiful ladies can realize themselves.

  • Seamstress

Traditionally, sewing and repairing clothes is a women’s occupation. The work of a seamstress is not very complicated, the main thing is creativity, well-developed motor skills and natural talent. It is very interesting to create outfits this work brings real pleasure.

  • Cosmetologist

Skin, hair, and nail care is the prerogative of girls; according to statistics, Russian ladies more often become cosmetologists. Each girl will like working in a comfortable office; a high salary will be a bonus.

  • Teacher

A woman teacher will always be able to find an approach to the most difficult child, evoking trust and respect. This profession is the most popular among Russian ladies, due to the course of the history of the CIS countries. Girls are more loyal to children and are ready to bear responsibility for them. They are able to carry out huge volumes of work, receiving low wages.

Highest paid professions for Russian ladies

Let us make a remark that we are taking into consideration average numbers. An experienced stylist can earn in ten more times than a surgeon can. If we will compare the salaries in different industries, of course, the highest are in IT.

Nowadays, a decent salary can be find in various fields like marketing, advertising, medicine. Big numbers of money are in beauty industry, is extremely popular among women. However, a lot depend of the place of work, town, personal approach and position at work. The main indicators of high salary are decent education, experience and following your dreams, the right choice of the industry.

Women feel free to learn new skills

Since the evolution of the Internet is growing very fast, there are highly demanded marketing specialists, to manage the business processes online. This sphere has no restrictions for Russian ladies. Every girl can become a SEO professional, and working on website optimization and online promotion. A junior can be satisfied with couple hundred of dollars, but a real specialist can reach the top of couple of thousands.

The most unusual activities for women

Imagine the situation, in which you lost the job, the company is closed and the offers on the market do not inspire you? Russian ladies will always find the way. Exists a list of unusual professions where you can jump in. Among them are online coacher, webinar trainer, online make-up artist, yoga trainer, English teacher via Skype and so on. You can perform your skills from any part of the world, travel, meet people and enjoy your live.

Do not forget about fitness trainer. Of course, women are obsessed with their appearance; nobody is satisfied with the body. Trainers develop their own way of losing weight, post on social media using various types of marketing instruments. Personal brand influence the most. However your income depends on how popular you are, how many subscribers you have and how you attract them.

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