When can dating a Russian woman be not worth it for you?

Being in a relationship with a Russian woman would be great if it wasn’t so relatively hard to do. First, you need to either find a woman in your home country or come to Russia and find a girlfriend here (both are quite challenging). Then you need to lay the ground for a lasting relationship. In the end, everything may be ruined quite easily.

You can beat all the obstacles if you try hard enough. But sometimes it’s just not worth it. Being persistent is good, but it’s borderline stupid in some situations. Here are a few examples of when you should drop the idea of dating Russian women.

What sorts of obstacles can be there?

Apart from the obvious challenge of actually finding a girlfriend (which you should do beforehand, by the way), there are quite a few of them:

-Geographical obstacles;

-Economic obstacles;

-Cultural difficulties;

-Linguistic problem;

-Mental friction

Now, you can guess what any of them imply just by using common sense, but let’s talk about every one of them one by one and figure out when it’s just too much work to try. 

However admirable dating a person despite all the obstacles can be, you really should mind them. Relationships, unfortunately, are often temporary. If you’ve met a wrong person, they may not even care that you’ve traveled a long distance to be together. 

Right, back to the obstacles.

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What geographical difficulties can there be?

What has geography got in store for you? The thought of where you easily could travel might have crossed your mind once or twice. For each country, there is a set of destinations that you can either visit with ease or with difficulties. And it’s not only about distances or expense. 

You should also consider the infrastructure with which you can get to the place, the visa regimes, and so on and so forth. 

Take Argentina, for instance. Argentines can easily get to any place in both Americas, it’s really hard, however, to get to Europe for them. And Russia is even further to the East. You can’t travel to the West until you reach the country either, because most of the population lives in the European part of Russia. You can’t even get from the Southern hemisphere to this country without making at least one stop on the way. 

The real problem

Coming to Russia isn’t really a problem for most of the World, it’s only a matter of comfort, money, and distance. The pickle is that you need to visit Russia on a regular basis if you want your relationship to last. Or even move to Russia or persuade a Russian woman you date to move to your country.

But it’s not like you can make this decision right now at any rate. You need your relationship to be solid before doing anything of the sort. Before that, you’ll have to date online, certainly.

For, say, a Pole, visiting a girlfriend in Russia every couple of months isn’t really a big deal. But if the location of your habitat isn’t in Europe or the Middle East, you’ll have a hard time traveling to Russia constantly.

Economic difficulties

One problem comes from another, and as a bonus to traveling long distances, you may have to significantly lighten your wallet. Luckily, traveling is pretty much the biggest expense you’ll need to cover. 

An average Russian woman isn’t very demanding (depends on a person, but usually Russians aren’t very keen on giving and receiving presents, for instance), especially if you live in Europe or America, where prices on everything are several times as big as in Russia. Oh yes, the prices in Russia are pretty low, especially for such well-developed countries like Britain or the United States.

And the taxes aren’t very high either, so at least in that aspect, Russia is a pretty good place to live in. You need to research this stuff for yourself, though. 

Cultural differences

Russia has a culture, obviously. The society that contains the culture is not a very tolerant or a very liberal one. Of course, the younger generations of Russians generally don’t abide by these principles, but on average it is as it is.

What do Russian think about their culture

You can sit and discuss Russian society, its values, and culture for ages, but there’s one important aspect you’ll need to keep in mind if you want a healthy relationship. Russians don’t like to have anything imposed on them for no reason. So, if you want your girlfriend to adapt to your traditional beliefs and values, you’ll have to be very patient. 

They rarely adapt to any cultural changes, actually. Unlike your classic European, most Slavs think their own culture is far superior to any other. Even if a person doesn’t seem very jingoistic to you, everyone thinks that, at least subconsciously.

But overall, there aren’t really incompatible cultures. So, don’t worry that she won’t be able to adapt to your way of life or whatever.

What language-related problems are there?

It’s no news that Russian people aren’t terribly bilingual (they don’t like to learn languages) for some reason. This includes the English language as well. As much as people there understand the value of knowing this lingua franca, they are in no hurry to learn this or any other language.

It certainly has something to do with the general isolation of most of the Russian regions. There are 85 provinces in this country, and you’ll only be able to hear the English speech in 5 or 6 of them. Others are just not enthusiastic at all.

The advantage in the Internet

But you do have an advantage here. If you know the English language yourself, there’s a higher chance you’ll meet a Russian woman who speaks the language on the Internet. So, you’ll have to try dating online anyway. 

There’s virtually no chance you’ll be able to date Russians if the only language you can speak is neither English nor Russian. You may check if there’s any Russian minority to speak of in your country, but most of them will probably speak English or Russian. You’ll need to at least learn English.

Mental contradictions

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Just to be clear, the subparagraph is called ‘contradictions’ because calling them ‘issues’ would imply there’s something wrong with having a mentality unique for your culture. 

There are lots of unique traits about Russian people you might not be comfortable with, in certain situations:

-They are pretty grim on average. Women, actually, are less so, especially in private. But in any case, sometimes they can be very depressive and even emotionless because emotions aren’t something you’re encouraged to share with people around. It’s a cold Northern country, all of them are pretty much like this. You may not be very comfortable if you’re, on the contrary, very emotional;

-Russian people very much like to judge and jump to conclusions. You could tell if you ever visited the Russian side of the Internet. It’s not necessarily the first thing you’ll notice them do offline, but you should be ready for it in a relationship;

-They may be very rude for seemingly no reason, so be prepared for it. Grow a thicker skin, because people there won’t wait to give you a mouthful if you do something out of ordinary;

-Russian people work a lot. You may disagree because you’ve likely only seen them drunk on the videos and in the Internet, but that’s how it is. The drinking problems are often caused by burning out at work. So, if you really aren’t into working hard, your schedules will be quite different

In conclusion

In the end, you’ll have to see for yourself if you and your girlfriend aren’t compatible in some sense. It’s easy to speak of the entire people as of ‘average’, but chances are, your girlfriend will only have some of these problems (if any at all). 

You may not even need to go to Russia, because there are many Russian communities across the World. You may also not need to worry about being compatible, because people sometimes adapt very quickly to each other.

Well, this is it. If you aren’t satisfied with the answers, you may check out some of the other articles on this website, maybe they will help. You’re also welcome to watch the video below if you aren’t a very big fan of reading:

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