Why are there so many single Russian women on dating sites?

It is an indubitable fact that the world is shrinking, as airliners cross it cheaply and easily. This means that a person in search of a life partner is no longer restricted to the people in his local neighbourhood, but can reach out across the world to find the person of his dreams. This is probably one reason why single Russian women dream of a soul mate from some other country.

Of course, it goes without saying that the situation is actually a good deal more complex than this. So here are some of the underlying reasons why Russian women are searching for soul mates out of their own country.

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There are less men than women in Russia

One simple reason why single Russian ladies for marriage have to look out of her own country for a soul mate is that there are quite simply not enough men in Russia to go around in the first place. The reason why there are less men than women in Russia is quite complex. It starts in World War Two, when the loss of life among Russian men was horrendous. In some Slavic countries like Ukraine, for example, men were outnumbered by women to a ratio of about ten to one. What’s even worse is that Russian men tend to die young for a number of reasons, which skews the ratio even further.

There’s a great deal of drug and alcohol abuse in Russia, and this can either directly lead to a Russian man dying early, or else through an accident caused by the use of these things. There are very few Russian men who live past the age of sixty. Compared to this, men in America or in Western Europe are a good deal healthier, and health conscious, and also, obviously tend to live considerably longer.

This is one of the most obvious reasons why single Russian women and ladies from other Slavic nations will search for a man out of her own country – quite simply because there are not enough men to go around in her own country.

Western men generally are a better choice

Western men are really a better choice for a Russian woman than many Slavic men, as having been outnumbered by women for several generations, Slavic men tend to have a very self-satisfied attitude towards women. They are quite capable of taking even the most beautiful and accomplished woman for granted.

Slavic men are very spoiled, having been sought after by attractive women all their lives. Being spoiled in this way, they can be very demanding and imposing, and can also be extremely aggressive. It is not uncommon, for example, for a Slavic man to stop a girl in the street and ask for her number, and the girl will be quite unable to refuse to give him her number, because the Slavic man can actually get extremely aggressive and unpleasant. This sort of uncivilized behaviour and dominating attitude gives single Russian women a very good reason to seek a more sensible man elsewhere, rather than in their own country.

When you combine all this with Russian culture, which places a great emphasis, at least where a woman is concerned, on getting married and having children. If a woman goes past her teens without finding a life partner, she is generally looked down at in her own culture.

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Willingness to get married

Another important reason why Russian women seek out western men is that a western man is perfectly willing to get married if he encounters a wonderful and attractive woman who is also cultured and educated, and who is, in other words, the woman of his dreams.

A Russian man, in comparison to this, will try to avoid marriage as much as possible, and can drag a relationship on for years without seriously intending to tie the knot at all. The Russian man has no real objection to women, of course, and is perfectly willing to live with a woman, or even take advantage of her. But when it comes to the responsibility that having a family obviously demands, he will often shy off, and may even switch his affections to another woman if his partner begins to insist on marriage.

Less chances of violence and alcohol abuse

Finally, when you consider how many Russian men are alcoholics, and how they tend to drug and alcohol abuse, as well as to domestic violence, it makes for a very dangerous combination. After all, you have these aggressive and spoiled men, who are also drug addicts and alcoholics. Is it any surprise that Russian women seek elsewhere at a chance for a normal life, instead of engaging in such an obvious domestic tragedy.

Domestic violence is significantly lower in western countries, and western men are also far less likely to become aggressively violent in a relationship. That said, Russian women are becoming far more liberated, and tend to reject the abusive Slavic man in favour of the western man, whom they regard as a gentleman. Much of what we have been describing here is not really the fault of the Slavic man, but is, in effect, the result of cultural programming.

Just as single Russian women are encouraged to think of themselves as mothers and wives, so also the Slavic man is encouraged to think of himself as a sort of macho aggressor. There was a time when the mafia were quite glorified in the media in Slavic countries, and even today you will find many Slavic men with mafia-styled hairstyles and clothing. This is hardly the sort of atmosphere that a woman appreciates, and it’s no wonder that Russian women are looking elsewhere. Generally speaking, Slavic girls don’t like to talk about it, and this is one of the topics to avoid when you think of what to talk about with the most beautiful Russian women.

Western men are willing to show responsibility

While the economic situation in Russia has improved considerably over the last decades, the salaries, on average, remain quite low, making it very difficult for families to provide for their children. The standard of living is much higher in most western countries, which ensures that children will be better cared for, and, in general, will perhaps lead happier lives.

Also, western men are perfectly willing to undertake the responsibility of bringing up children, of caring for them and spending time with them. Compared with this, on average, a Russian man may only spend a few minutes daily with his children. A western man, on the other hand, tends to spend a great deal of time cultivating his children’s personalities, and helping them to grow into happy and fulfilled human beings.

There’s even more to this aspect of being willing to take responsibility than has been touched upon. A western man understands that he is an equal partner in a relationship, and is perfectly willing to do chores around the house, if necessary. Gender roles are not so stratified in the west as they are in Russia. While both parents work in the west, both parents are also willing to do things around the house.

In Russia, on the other hand, a Slavic man will often neither work nor do anything around the house. A western man might take pride in cooking up a good meal for his family, at least on occasion, and they will be willing to help with the cleaning and washing as well, and certainly with purchasing groceries. Whereas, in the mindset of the Slavic man, these are all the duties of women, and not for a man to engage in.

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Foreign partners are more romantic

Russian women are extremely romantic. Since they are very small, they start dreaming of their wedding day and leaving happily ever after with the best man in the world. They believe in true love and keep searching for someone special – someone who could be their true soul mate. They want to be treated like princesses and expect a man to demonstrate gentleman-like behaviour.

They also enjoy old fashioned courtship and all sorts of chivalrous gestures. Needless to say, it’s hard for single Russian women to find partners like that in their homeland. With foreign men, it’s much easier. There are more romantic and idealistic men in western countries.

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These were only some thoughts on why there are so many single Russian girls on dating websites. But of course, there could be other reasons as well.

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